5 Benefits of Corporate Jet Charter for Business Travel

There is one major caveat to using corporate jet charter services for business travel: cost. But there are so many benefits to be gained from this type of travel that you may be able to overlook the expense, especially if you can find ways to reduce costs. Here are just a few reasons why chartering a jet when you travel for business is preferable to flying commercial.

  1. Ease of use. Perhaps the best thing about taking a corporate jet is that you can leave from a private airport rather than waiting in line with hundreds of other passengers on dozens of other flights to get through check-in and security. If you leave from a small airfield, you may not even have to go through a security screening. Generally, you’ll simply park in a lot provided for travelers and get ferried right to the tarmac where your plane is waiting. Although the pilot may elect to check your bags for security purposes, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be subjected to a pat-down or other annoying security procedures. And since the plane will be reserved either for individual or group purposes, you don’t really have to worry about ending up on a plane with some hijacking nut job (unless one of your coworkers happens to go off the deep end). As a bonus, you never have to worry about losing your luggage since there are no plane changes and it really never leaves your sight.
  2. Flexibility. If you’re running late for a commercial flight, you’re pretty much out of luck once they shut the doors. And if you didn’t bother with flight insurance, you’ll most likely have to pay for another ticket and hope that you don’t get put on standby for a string of sold-out flights to follow. With a private charter jet, the plane doesn’t leave until you’re on it because that’s the kind of service you’re paying for.
  3. Fast travel. In addition to skipping the long wait times before you even get on the plane, travel by charter jet is just faster than commercial all around. For one thing, you won’t have to deal with any layovers. Even if you have to stop to refuel for a particularly long trip, you can simply touch down, load up, and take off again in a private jet without having to get off and on the plane. And since you’re using smaller airports, the chances that you’ll get held up waiting to taxi for take-off and landing are greatly reduced.
  4. Luxury accommodations. Although the price of flying by private charter jet is high, you definitely get what you pay for. And while everyone can enjoy the cushy seats, extra leg room, and expanded menu offered by private jets, what you might appreciate most on a business trip is the access to communications technology, not to mention the privacy provided by this type of air travel. Whether you’re working on reports, conducting conference calls, or holding a meeting with coworkers, business partners, or clients on board, the small crew of the plane is expected to be discreet. And the amenities are sure to have a positive impact anyone you bring on board, including partners and clients that you’re trying to impress.
  5. Superior service. Although most flight attendants strive to be polite and well-mannered, dealing with planes packed wall-to-wall with passengers can certainly get tedious, and the result can be rather surly stewardesses. When choosing a private jet charter company for your corporate travel, what you’ll find is that the service is exceptional. The entire flight staff is paid to cater to your whims, leaving on your schedule and providing you with the amenities you request. And they provide additional services such as calling a car service before you land so that your transportation is waiting to pick you up on the tarmac, just for example. So if you have the cash and it makes sense, you might consider contracting with a private charter service in your area or even purchasing your own corporate jet from a vendor like AVJet Corporation. Depending on how much use you get out of it, this could be a sensible investment for your business.

Travel Destinations Where You Should Opt for Rental Car Insurance Coverage

Oftentimes, when people are preparing to take a trip and it requires renting a car, something that the rental agent will offer is rental car insurance. Yet when individuals are on a budget, they tend to refuse it if they already have their own car insurance in order to save a few extra bucks.

But the reality is that whether you’re driving two hours from your home, you’re taking a cross-country trip or you’re traveling internationally and you plan on renting a car once you arrive, it’s always a good idea to get rental car insurance. If you’re curious to know some of the reasons why it can benefit you to obtain this type of coverage whether you’re traveling locally or abroad, we’ve provided you with five of them below:

Rental car insurance covers insufficient car insurance. If you happen to live in a city where you don’t really need a car and therefore, you rely on public transportation, it would make sense that you don’t have car insurance. However, you are definitely the top candidate who needs to get rental car insurance. That way, you don’t have to worry about being held liable if you should get into a car accident. Also, you can file a legitimate claim if some of your items are lost or stolen while the car is in your possession.

Rental car insurance covers personal items in the car. If you are someone who does own a car and therefore, does have car insurance, you still should consider getting rental car insurance. The reason why is because if you do happen to get into a car accident, your personal policy will probably not cover what is known as “rental car loss of use”. This is the amount of money that the rental car company estimates they have lost as the car is in the process of getting repaired. By having the rental insurance coverage, you can avoid paying full market value for the rental while it’s in the repair shop.

Rental car insurance covers personal items. Something that a lot of people are not aware of until it’s too late is the fact that personal car insurance will not always cover the personal items in your car that might end up stolen. However, rental car insurance will. And being that it’s so inexpensive, it’s a great way to get peace of mind.

Rental car insurance prevents claims from being such a hassle. Say that you live in Delaware, you recently purchased a car and after looking at a list of Delaware car insurance quotes , you selected a company to insure your vehicle. Yet after renting a car for a cross-country trip, you end up getting into an accident. If you solely relied on your personal car insurance, filing a claim could prove to be a huge hassle. But rarely is this the case for rental car companies. Plus, if you used your own insurance, you may have to pay for the repairs and wait to get reimbursed while with rental car insurance, this is not an issue.

Rental car insurance keeps your personal insurance claims low. Speaking of insurance claims, if you’ve ever had to make one before, then you already know that after filing, it can cause your premiums to go up. Not if you have rental car insurance, though. With it, the claim is the rental car company’s responsibility and your own insurance company never has to know about what happened. For more information on rental car insurance coverage, contact a local car insurance company in your area.

5 Sacred Destinations to Visit When Traveling to Mexico

No matter where you go in the world, there are places that are considered to be sacred sites. These are buildings, structures or locations that have earned this title because the country (or city) considers them to be “holy ground”.

If you are preparing to take a trip to Mexico and you’re interested in knowing where some of their sacred destinations are, we have provided you with a list of five truly beautiful ones below:

Chichen Itzá. One of the largest ancient Mayan ruins, and the largest one in the Yucatan Peninsula, it has been the center of pilgrimage for well over 1,000 years and is currently the most-visited tourist destination in Mexico. It is so enormous that it usually takes a full day to view all of the things that are featured within the place that is 2.5 miles long, including various pyramids, sculptures and carvings.

Basilica of our Lady Guadalupe. One location that is full of history is Basilica of our Lady Guadalupe. That’s because it’s considered to be the holiest shrine in all of Latin America and also the oldest one within the Catholic faith. It is the belief of many that the picture of the Virgin Mary tells the story of how she appeared to an Aztec and it dates back to 1536. It hangs behind glass on an altar.

Metropolitan Cathedral. Are you someone who enjoys taking in the beauty of cathedrals around the world? If so, then you cannot leave Mexico without stopping by the Metropolitan Cathedral. Not only is it the largest cathedral in all of Latin America but it’s also considered to be the oldest as well. It has five naves, 14 chapels and lots of paintings, colorful statues and altarpieces. It truly is a sacred site.

Palenque. As a place that’s actually considered to be one of the most magical ones in all of the Mayan sites, another absolute must-see is Palenque. Deep within a jungle forest setting, there you will find big mountains, stone temples and truly awe-inspiring statues. At the entrance, you will also notice The Temple of Inscriptions that earned its name due to the hieroglyphics that are inside, along with a place that is simply known as Palace that has a unique Chinese-like tower within it.

Teotihuacán. If you were to go to Wayak explore Mexico for a list of sacred landmarks in Mexico , we’re pretty sure that one of the things that you would see is what is known as landmarks in Mexico. Located approximately 30 miles outside of Mexico City, it is hailed as being a sacred site, mostly because it houses some of the most important ruins in all the world. In fact, being that Teotihuacán literally means “the place where gods were born”, it was the Aztec belief that creation began there. Plus, it features the Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid in all of the world. For more information on Teotihuacán , visit MetMuseum.org and put “Teotihuacán” in the search field.

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