Hotels in Panama

You can find every kind of Hotel in Panama from large five star luxury hotels in the city to medium priced resorts on the Pacific coast to boutique hotels in Bocas del Toro and Boquete as well as B&Bs, small cheaper hotels, hostels and eco-resorts on the beach.

Panama City Hotels

For a great selection of Hotels in Panama City
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Hotels in Panama City, Panama

Boquete Hotels

There are various kinds of hotels in Boquete but if you want to really see Boquete the best places are the small B&B kinds usually run by Americans wanting a new life in Panama. There are a few large resorts too if you like all the facilities and golf. There are even bungalows in a coffee plantation on the Baru Volcano.

For all the best places to stay in beautiful Boquete
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Bocas Hotels

For a listing of all the best hotels, resorts and hostels in wonderful Bocas del Toro
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Hotels in Bocas del Toro, Panama

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