Panama- The Perfect Holiday Destination

Panama can give a new definition to versatility. This American country is what you call God’s favorite place. It has been bestowed with every gift of nature. It is that perfect getaway you had been looking for after months of “all work and no play”. Well you already must have turned into the “dull boy” then. Get set to recharge yourself at this very bed of nature.

Panama is the southern most American country known for its rich natural wealth. This country has a total population of around 3,360,475. It has been divided into nine provinces and ten cities altogether. The people generally follow Roman Catholic as a religion and speak Spanish in this region. However English is very much prevalent with almost everybody knowing this language.

The tropical climate and perfect holiday weather of the Panama will just do the needful for you. At Panama you can enjoy the beauty of the pristine beaches along side clear blue seas. You could admire the mighty mountains and be startled by their beauty every single minute. It is a different world altogether, away from the hustle bustle and pollution of big cities and towns; overall a perfect place to relax and de-stress yourself.

The country holds the best eco tourism sites of the world. The rich flora and fauna of this country will leave you awestruck. The multi canopied swamps that are present on one side of this country is a great tourist attraction. After years of seeing only bricks and walls all around, nothing could appeal to you as much as the abundant greenery of the Panamas. For all you adventure enthusiasts, the famous Canopy Adventure at Panama will take you through the enriching experience of ecotourism while rock climbing. That is you get to experience nature at an unbelievable close proximity. You could also plunge in for the amazing water adventure at the San Blas Archipelago.

Panama is famous for it’s “the golden toad”. The locals actually believe this gold skinned frog once found in this country in abundance to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity. No wonder, it is this golden frog that they use as their National Symbol. However this amphibian is believed to be extinct now.

When in Panama, how can you forget the “molas”? This is a fabric made by the natives of this country. They earn their livelihood by manufacturing and selling this fabric. Tourists from all around the world come here and buy these “molas” known to be a part of the Panama heritage. When at Panama, you just cannot miss the soothing local music. This music, again strongly influenced by Spanish music, will make that evening of yours where while relaxing you can forget just about everything and be drowned deep into its soulful rhythm.

Panama is the ideal place when you need to enjoy an amazing holiday and yet not burn a hole in your pocket. The place is extremely affordable unlike most of the holiday destinations in the world. It is extremely safe for the foreigners and the locals are all happy to help and very welcoming and warm. It has all tourism facilities that you could require. Be it with your family or friends, for that budget holiday of yours, choose the Panamas.

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