When in Panama- The Must Visit Places

Panama is a world famous tourist destination. The cocktail of nature and modernity this American country stages attract tourists from across the globe. And the number keeps rising with every passing year. People get so much attached to the country that a very many of them invest in real estates in this country and get their own property.

Not many countries are gifted with such an abundance of greenery and natural beauty. Name any aspect of nature and the country has it. You do not have to debate over mountains or sea? Shopping or relaxing? Each of your family members with different choices is bound to agree upon this single destination, that is Panama.

When you are in Panama there are places you just afford to miss. When in the Panama City, the first in the must visit list comes the Panama Canal. Yes, it’s the same you had learnt in your geography class and marked while practicing map pointings. This place is in fact referred to as the 9th wonder of the world. You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you? This canal stretches across the mighty Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. You can cruise your way down through this canal while knowing about its history and wonder at this feat of human engineering. You should also visit the Miraflores Visitor Center and see the Centennial Bridge that is built across the Panama Canal.

Other places that you should see when the beautiful capital city includes the church of San Jose. The Golden Altar kept at this church has its own historical significance. The Teatro Nacional Theatre in itself is an experience unsurpassed. Treat yourself with an entertaining evening at this theatre. The Museo del Canal Interoceanico is an Inter-Oceanic Canal Museum which you must visit to know more about the Modern History of Panama. Other places you must add to your list are the Santo Domingo’s church and convent, the presidential palace Palancio de las Garzas, the Summit Botanical Gardens, Park Naturo Metropolitano, and the Afro-Antillian Museum. The list of places you can see in Panama City is never ending. It’s a world on its own.

Another major city Boquete has its own reason to have you as its visitor. It’s known as the small mountain town in Panama. The Coffee Plantation in this town is a thing to see and experience. You will also find many beautiful gardens and experience nature at a close proximity at the tropical rain forests. If you are one of those adventurous sorts, the idea of hiking atop an extinct volcano might excite you. The Vulcan Baru brings you such an opportunity.

Apart from these you must go to Bocas del Toro. It’s a place staging the most amazing example of diversified wildlife. The flora and fauna you can experience in the rain forests of Bocas del Tero will live you awed with surprise.

Panama will never stop surprising you. If you are planning a holiday, nothing could be as good as the Panama.

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