Panama and its Islands

Panama is a world on its own. Where on earth will you find a place that stages all the colors of life and all the hues of nature? Panama is god’s own country bestowed with abundance of nature and greenery. The list of what you can see and experience in this American Country is never ending. No wonder, Panama is a major tourist attraction.

Panama connects North and South America. The Famous Panama Canal is considered to be the 9th wonder of the world and is a must see place when in Panama. Throughout the country you find beautiful mountains. You can even go trekking on these mountains which are believed to be one of the best eco tourism spots of the world. The flora and fauna of this country will astonish you with its diversity. The turquoise clear blue sea and the sandy pristine beaches will make you lost in its beauty. For the adventure lovers Panama has uncountable options. It can be water sports such as scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling. You can visit the national parks and see the wildlife of the Panama and be awed with its variance.

Apart from the capital Panama City and the other cities like Bouquette and Bocas del Toro, the Islands of Panama are worth a visit, in fact you must visit these beautiful islands. The thousands of islands of Panama unique in their own way and most of them are found on the east hand side of Panama City. The creation of the islands itself is a surprise on its own. All these islands are a result of volcanic activities that have occurred millions of years ago.

The San Blas Island is one of its very famous islands. It is situated to the north eastern part of the country. It has hundreds of subdivisions and is a very popular tourist destination on its own. The other very famous island of Panama is the Colon Island. This island is an archipelago and is a perfect getaway for the nature lovers. The Boca Brava Island is basically a small island but it is a favorite of the tourists. Reasons being its famous marine national park, its low population and the adventure packed facilities it can offer. It is also a great wildlife habitat. The Pearl Island is located not very far from the capital city. This island very small and scarcely populated; yet it is very popular amongst tourists due to its natural beauty and aura.

If you are a adventure lover and would love to try different water sports and enjoy it to your hearts content, Panama’s Islands are a great option for you. For people who like to avoid the hustle bustle of big cities and want to get lost in the bed of nature, these thousands of Panama’s Islands are exactly what you have been looking for. The experience you can gather here is unforgettable. So if you are planning a holiday to the Panama, make sure you do not return without visiting these few famous islands and enjoying a complete holiday experience.

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