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Panama- The Best Place for Your Water Adventures

Is water your thing? What I mean to day is it like you don’t know why you are so severely attracted to this aspect of nature. Be it river, or lakes, sea or ocean, you are never tired of admiring its beauty and might. In fact when your family sits to decide upon where to go for a holiday then you must be the first one to vote for seas over mountains. Well here is a place that will be going to be equivalent to paradise for you; Its Panama, the American country known for its natural beauty and the world famous Panama Canal.

For all you water adventure lovers there are no end to what you can try out in this country. The country has the coasts of Pacific and Caribbean on both sides. This automatically makes it a region to see and experience the diverse marine life and try out the various water adventures. You could try out scuba diving, snorkeling, diving and many other such water adventures when you are at the Panama.

Take an hour of boat ride from the town of Bocas del Toro and you shall visit the islands. You can try out scuba diving in these waters. The water temperature is tropical throughout most of the years and you shall be astonished to see the marine diversity of the waters of this region. The other very famous diving spot is the Tiger Rock. This region is a bit far away from the main Bocas town but is a must visit for those who love trying out water sports. Just as little as 30 minutes from the main town of Bocas you find this very shallow diving point called the Coral Cay. You find a bed of soft and hard corals in this water. For those who love to capture the marine life in his cameras, this is an ideal place as it wont disappoint you with the different species of marine life you can witness in this place. The renowned restaurant of Coral Cay is found in this region. Another very famous diving point near the Bocas del Toro region is the Hospital Point. This place is very near to the Bocas town and is a habitat for various species of fishes such as the nurse sharks and many others.

The Archipelago of San Blas is very popular for the snorkeling opportunity it provides. This place doesn’t permit scuba diving. People usually prefer to visit this place by plane. The ideal time for trying out snorkeling in this place is the month of April and May in the first half of the year and the month of November and December during the second half. Other very popular sites for trying out water adventures is the Portobelo, Isla Grande, Coiba Islands, Province of Chiriqui, the Pearl Islands, Marlin, Azuero Peninsula and the Gatun Lake.

For all those of you who love to explore and study the marine ecosystem, Panama is nothing but a paradise. Visit this place and make your holiday the memory of a lifetime.

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