Planning to Go Green? Start With Visiting Panama

Have you heard of a Green Holiday? With all the frenzy about contributing to the environment and going green; how about you take a small holiday, “green” style. Now this might sound like something extremely unfamiliar. But, you will understand it all once you start off on an eco-tourism trip in Panama. The primary motive of your trip is to benefit the environment and the locales living in the concerned region.

An eco tourism trip is not just about travelling through a rainforest; or going for boating. Your trip must make some serious contribution to the environment. At your eco-tourism trip you might need to rehabilitate a watershed while you go for a rafting adventure. You make sure that you are using recycled goods only. It is holidaying for a cause. It gives you both the fun of a holiday and the satisfaction of contributing to the preservation of environment.

Throughout your trip, you are supposed to do things that conserve the nature. When in Panama, you will never run out of green travel opportunities. There are so many virgin rainforests and unexplored lands. This country is believed to be the ultimate destination for the eco-tourists. You can choose any form of holidaying. You can try hiking, rafting and other form of water adventures.

While on a rafting trip you can explore the tropical rainforests of Panama. You will usually need to spend something around $90 for a full day of rafting per day. If you want to extend the trip to an overnight rafting; you might need to shell out some extra $60. However, if you are a student, you can avail these packages at discount rates. The rate covers everything from the transportation and the equipments to the guides and the food and water.

Eco adventure can be done in the region of Chiriquí as well. The El Sendero de los Quetzales can be an ideal hiking spot. The train ranges for around 6 miles. The waterfalls, the rivers, the cloud forests and everything about this hiking is going to bring you a lot more close to nature. You might choose between going uphill and downhill. This trip might cost you anything from $45 to $100 per person. You can also go for the overnight trips.

The other region that can be considered for your eco-tourism trip is Boquete. The canopy tour on the zip line here is one major tourist attraction in Panama. There are around 13 canopy platforms. The native flora and fauna of the region will amaze you. You will witness a whole new world while you glide through the trees. The diversity of wildlife will fascinate you and you will be able to experience the true beauty of nature. You can expect to spend something around $60 for such a trip.

Panama has still not caught up with the hustle bustle of city life. It is a perfect getaway after months of toiling hard at the office. And while on the eco-tourism trip in Panama, you are also doing your bit to save the environment.

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