Panama Canal Tours A Once In A Lifetime Experience

Panama Canal Tours Unforgettable

Tourists from all over the world visit Panama. Some of them are looking for adventure, the others want to simply relax and enjoy the country. This is where they can sunbathe in the beautiful beaches of the two oceans, climb up mountains, dive, snorkel, fish, visit places, and take home memories of exotic wild life. This is where they can see the greatness of man’s creative abilities in the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal – this is the very first thing that comes to your mind whenever you are thinking of Panama and your planned Panama vacation. More prominently referred to as the Crossroads of the World, the canal is a great shipping center. More than 13,000 boats fleet the Panama Canal from ocean to ocean to various destinations each year.

Panama Canal Cruises

Panama Canal cruises have become a favorite method of visiting the canal. In fact it is the best way to experience the canal. During your transit, you can have the opportunity to see the canal in operation up close. You will transit with the bigger ships, you will see the tugboats while in operation. And of course, you will also see the locks and feel the sensation of going up 85 ft. from sea level and go down again as you get from one ocean to another. Whether what you take is a partial or full transit, it will be a once in a lifetime adventure for you.

The cruise season is from September to April. While you are on the Panama Canal cruise that sails through the lock, you can view the flora and fauna in the jungle beyond. You can gaze at the tropical birds overhead, there are about 900 species of them. You can take in the yells of the rainforests’ natural world as you glide. The cruise rates are reasonable and affordable and are worth the fun, relaxation and your indulging holiday and retreat.

Panama Canal – A must see

The Panama Canal is always on a visitor’s list of must-see places; it is known as one of the few amazing engineering efforts. Its construction was started by the French and then finished by the US. Nearly 100 years from its opening the Panama Canal has become a favorite destination of tourists visiting Panama. It has become a business hub, with services such as tourism, trans-shipment, free-trading operations, banking and finance, private industries contributing immensely to its economy.

As an expansion effort, the Panama Canal Administration planned to dig a new additional set of locks. These should be wider, deeper and larger locks that will cost $5.2 billion. The expansion is aimed to make way for modern and huge container ships, cruise liners, tankers and other vessels that are extremely large for the present locks that measure only 108 ft. wide. The excavation work for the new locks of Panama Canal has began and is expected to complete by 2015.

Whatever it is you are planning – an extravagant cruise or a last minute get away; a short sailing, or an extended trip, the cruises offers you everything from excitement, fun, peace and adventure and you will never forget Panama Canal.

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