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Panama Food What To Eat And Where To Eat In Panama

Visitors to Panama will not find Panama food an issue, because you will find that traditional Panamanian cooking is not different from the cooking of Central America. The main staples are rice and beans with lentils, served with meat, fish and chicken. This is followed by the yucca (cassava) and plantains as secondary staples.

What To Eat In Panama food

Panamanians are proud of their national dish, the sancocho. It is a chicken soup with root vegetables such as yucca and plantains and flavored with coriander. Being a popular Panama food, sancocho is commonly served to tourists and visitors to Panama, followed by arroz con pollo (chicken with rice). There is plenty of great tasting seafood some of which are exported to other places. And they are generally cheap, particularly the lobsters and prawns. Ceviche is another Panama food that is served as an excellent appetizer. It is a spicy dish of raw fish or sea food marinated in lime juice with hot pepper and onions. There are fruits, fresh and abundant, which you can buy from local markets.

Regular breakfast in Panama consists mainly of fried Panama food such as eggs, sausages and patacones – plantains fried, flattened and fried a second time. Also served are tortillas de maiz and hojaldres (fried dough). Panamanian popular snacks are ensaymadas, tamales, carimanolas or el enyucados, which are fried balls of manioc dough filled with meat. Tamales is a Panama food, a mix of maize porridge, vegetables and pork or chicken wrapped in banana leaf and boiled.

Where To Eat In Panama food

If you are in Panama City, you will find no shortage of classy and expensive restaurants that serve Panama food, also Greek, Chinese, Italian, American and Japanese dishes. Out of the city, almost every town has at least one Chinese restaurants, a favorite of vegetarian tourists and natives alike. The cultural influence of US in Panama foods is shown in the citywide availability of US style fast foods serving hamburgers, french fries and hotdogs. There is usually a 5% tax to pay on meals in restaurants, although tips are expected only in more expensive places or whenever you are accorded a good service.

You can find canteen-like self-service restaurants where Panama food is cheaper but filling. They are located almost everywhere: on the roadsides and near the street corners. In bigger towns, some restaurants have waiter service where a main dish may be priced at US$5-10. In remote areas where there are no restaurants, you can always find someone in the village who is ready and willing to cook a Panama food for you. Just inquire from the locals and give them time to prepare.

Panama food is accompanied by drinks

Panama food is always accompanied by drinks and the most popular are beer, coffee water and fruit juices. Coffee in Panama is generally good especially when prepared espresso-style and taken black. But due to hot and humid Panamanian climate, people prefer to take cold drinks such as beers, juice, milk shakes .and iced water. Water in Panama City and the other towns are good and safe to drink.You will really enjoy Panama food.

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    A Guide To Panamanian Food

    Panamanian Food has always been popular in Panama. Panama which is strategically located and is the backbone of a service oriented economy shice the seventeenth century. During these times the Portobolo fairs were held by the Spanish when the galleons arrived from Europe brining merchandise to the new territories including gold and silver. With the construction of the Panama Canal the monetary system switched to the US dollar in 1904.

    In Panamanian food the Carimanola is a roll that is made from boiled, ground Yucca that is filled with chopped meat and boiled eggs and fried just prior to serving. Empanada are similar to a Cornish pastry. You can find empanada’s made from either flour or corn and filled with cheese, chicken or meat. Tortillas are made from ground maize and fried like pancakes. Tamales are very popular with locals and made from boiled, ground corn, spices and pork or chicken. Tamales are then wrapped in banana leafs and boiled prior to being served. Patacones are fried, green plantains that have been crossways cut into pieces, salted, pressed and fried. Tajadas or Platano Maduro are ripe plantains that are sliced lengthwise and baked with cinnamon.

    Panamanian food festivals

    Festivals and traditions are prevalent in Panamanian food. Many festivals occur around the Christmas holiday beginning on December 8 celebrating the Immaculate Conception coinciding with Mother’s Day. On these holidays traditional Panamanian food that  is served includes pavo or turkey, relleno or stuffing and arroz dulce which is tamales made with cornmeal and Arturu sauce, capers, prunes, meats and spices wrapped in plantain leaves and boiled. Fruitcakes are the most popular Panamanian desert.

    While many of the Panamanian food combinations used in Panama may sound odd they are actually quite good. They will combine avocado and chicken consommé with whipped cream for a soup. They will also use cilantro, mint, onions, lemon juices and other spices in their fish soups.

    Panamanian food influence

    Panamanian food is also influenced by its neighboring countries and they have used other influences to incorporate and create unique as well as traditional dishes. While there is no true cuisine that is unique to Panama you will find their diversity of fruits, seafood, vegetables and cereals and how they combine them to present something quite different than you will not find elsewhere.

    In Panamanian food special attention is paid to the dish being visually attractive. They develop a balance of proportion and color that is quite unique. While meat is one of the most important ingredients in a Panamanian food you can find some very good vegetarian selections.

    Panamanian food beverages

    Panamanian food Beverages include many beers that are brewed in Panama including Cerveza, Altas, Soberana and Balboa. In Panamanian food Balboa is a stout, dark beer while the others are lighter beers. You can buy beer in Panama for about thirty-five US cents in supermarkets and one dollar in restaurants. But if you are not a beer drinker then you should try Seco which is a fermented sugar cane liquor that is mixed with milk to create a cocktail. One of the popular Panamanian food.

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      The Popularity of Panama Food

      There are many savory recipes that you will enjoy in Panama food.Whether you are planning a trip to Panama or just want to experience the culture in your home food can be a way to do this fully. In Panama the cuisine is diverse ranging from ultra-exotic to the familiar.

      Panama food – Breakfast

      To start the day in Panama for breakfast the Panama food you might have a corn tortilla that is deep-fried and loaded with eggs, meats and other good local items. Alternately fresh fruit is always a favorite in Panama for breakfast along with toast and true coffee from Panama.

      The typical meal in Panama food will include meat, beans and coconut rice served with local vegetables and fruits. Examples of these include plantains, squash and yucca. The fact that the islands of Panama provide expansive coasts makes the addition of fresh seafoods, coconut and mango typical embellishments found in many meals.

      Panama food – Stew

      In Panama food the stew or Sancochi is made with meat, generally chicken, and vegetables. The Empanada is a savory flour or corn pastry that is filled with meat, potatoes and cheeses. Carimanola is a fried yucca roll that is stuffed with meat and boiled eggs. Tamales are boiled corn dough pockets that are stuffed with meat and served in banana leaves. All these make great main dish choices that have the true flavor and feel of Panama.

      For more of a snack you might try fried yucca root or yucca frita which is the Panama food equivalent to French fries. Plantains can be served in three different ways. Green plantains are cut crosswise and salty and fried and called Patacones. Sweater fried plantains are the mature fruit and called Maduros. Tajadas are plantain that are cut lengthwise and baked, sprinkled with cinnamon.

      In Panama food Gallo pinto is a rice and bean dish that is often mixed with pork and not to be confused with a dish of the same name served in Costa Rica. Ceviche is chopped raw shrimp, fish, or conch that is mixed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro then marinated in lime juice. Ceviche is served with fresh tortilla chips and is a very popular menu item.

      For desert in Panama food you will find Pasel de Tres Leches or Tres Leches Cake which is a cake that is soaked in three types of milk including cream, sweetened condensed and evaporated. Raspados are snow cones that are topped with sweet syrup and condensed milk.

      Panama food – Beverages

      Beverages include many beers that are brewed in Panama including Cerveza, Altas, Soberana and Balboa. Balboa is a stout, dark beer while the others are lighter beers. You can buy beer in Panama for about thirty-five US cents in supermarkets and one dollar in restaurants. But if you are not a beer drinker then you should try Seco which is a fermented sugar cane liquor that is mixed with milk to create a cocktail.

      If you are in Panama the US dollar is the national currency so you do not have to worry about conversion. While Panama is not the cheapest country in Central America it is very affordable to eat good Panama food.

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