Panama Retirement – What Makes Panama The Number 1 Destination

Panama Retirement – Best Retirement Destination

Panama retirement have you thought about it? As you get on in life and near your retirement age, maybe you are thinking which place would be the best retirement destination for you. It could also be that you are looking for places outside of the United States and Europe because of the high cost of retirement in these countries. You might say that there are many other countries that can rival Panama, but did you know that many other factors make Panama a favorite destination of retirees? Here are those factors for Panama retirement.

Panama Retirement Reasons

Panama retirement Reason # 1. Panama is popularly beautiful with its endless miles of beaches, rainforests, mountainous regions, and the Panama Canal, making the country also the number 1 tourist destination. Panama was voted number 1 retirement destination for the last 7 consecutive years.

Panama retirement Reason # 2. Panama has low cost of living. I f you will compare living in Panama against living in other parts of the US and Europe, you will realize that the cost of living in Panama is really cheap. For example, if you want to buy a house, your $200,000 can give you one with a private swimming pool. You can watch a movie in a modern cinema for $4, and your taxi ride may cost you only $2. You cannot find anything like these in the USA and Europe.

Panama retirement Reason # 3. The weather in Panama is perfect for retirees, with sunshine all year round. Even if it is rainy season there, it will usually rain only in the morning, and the sun will shine thereafter. Of course, there are other countries with the same weather as in Panama, but Panama offers much more, in terms of infrastructures, safety and solitude. You want to spend your retirement life in a peaceful paradise, the best place to choose is Panama.

Panama Retirement – Some More Reasons

Panama retirement Reason # 4. Panama has world class health care facilities. The medical care and hospitals are both good quality. Many doctors in Panama got their training from the United States, and most are bi-lingual. They can speak fluent English, so there will never be an issue on communication.

Panama retirement Reason # 5. Panama is far more developed and modern than what you might think. If you decide to move here, you can also find the same luxuries and amenities that you can find anywhere else. Its infrastructure is modern with many grand shopping malls in Panama City. The country is considered one of the most popular banking centers around the globe. The Panama Canal alone contributes to Panama’s economy and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Panama retirement Reason # 6. If you are an American, you would prefer to retire in Panama because it is very close to the US. Moving here will not separate you from friends and relatives; there are dozens of direct flights to and from the US everyday.
Considering all the above factors, a Panama retirement offers many advantages that you cannot find all in any other counties in this whole wide world. Many groups of people looking for foreign destinations flock to Panama due to these advantages. You, too, may consider spending the later part of your life in Panama. Try asking around and you will get many suggestions to go to this tropical paradise. You will enjoy Panama retirement.

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