Panama Beach Resort – What Does Bocas Del Toro Has To Offer

If you are planning to visit Panama and would like to go in particular to an exquisite Panama beach resort where you can surely relax by the beach, the Panamanian province of Bocas del Toro has something special to offer. The province is located on the western part of Carribean coast. It is a group of 9 major islands and about 200 islets and cays. The Bocas del Toro archipelago is completely surrounded by water. There are many Panama beach resort in the islands and lots of exciting activities to enjoy your vacation and make you wanting to come back here time and again.

Panama beach resort – Red Frog Beach

The Red Frog Beach is one Panama beach resort that is mostly visited by travelers because of its beautiful beaches, rainforest landscape and its villas. This resort is adjacent to the National Marine Park which also contribute to making the guests access the various beach and island activities right from where they stay: the Red Frog villa. This Panama beach resort also has two restaurants, an activity center and lots of natural amenities that you will surely appreciate.

The Red Frog Beach in Bocas del Toro is a unique Panama beach resort because of its luxurious villas overlooking the ocean. The villas are fully equipped, you will surely enjoy your stay here – there are private plunge pools, stainless steel appliances, airconditioning, and large patios to have a view of Carribean beaches. From these villas, you can have a short walk to the beaches the most famous of which are the Turtle and Red Frog beaches. Make your Panama beach resort vacation complete by having nature walks, fishing boat tours kayaking, surfing, or just relaxing by the beach.

If you love surfing, the Red Frog Beach is the perfect place. You can organize water taxis if you want to go to different surf locations in Bocas del Toro, although you can always find good waves within a short distance from the Panama beach resort where you stay. The surf season in this beach resort is similar to that of Costa Rica.

Panama beach resort – Panama Zipline Canopy Tour

Located not far from your Red Frog villa is the Panama Zipline Canopy Tour in Bastimentos island. You love adventure? See how you will feel as you fly through the tree tops on 7 ziplines that end in a 300 meter run over a rainforest valley. This is a very thrilling experience in this Panama beach resort, coupled with the opportunity to be able to appreciate nature as you glide among the trees. Add to this the fact that this is the only Panama beach resort where you can get an elaborate zipline and ropes course.

Panama beach resort

You have lots of activities to do in Bocas del Toro or in any other Panama beach resorts. You can admire the white sands and blue waters of the most luxurious beaches. You can enjoy a day of snorkeling, body boarding, scuba diving or just swimming. How would you like to swim with dolphins? You can visit the wildlife or hike to a bat cave and see tons of bats all hanging on the ceiling of their cave. Truly, going to any beach resort in Panama will get the stress out of your life especially when you are at a Panama beach resort.

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