Panama Special Tourism Zones Offer a Range Of Features and Attractions

Panama special tourism zones divide up the region and can help you decide where to travel. The La Amistad is Panama special tourism zone 1 and located in the Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui provinces. Featured is the Baru National and the La Amistad International Parks. Here you will also find sixty one attractions that are cultural and natural making this zone a favorite for eco-tourism. You will find the main concentration of sites to visit in the Boquete, Sereno River, Volcan, and Cerro Punta areas.

Panama special tourism zone 2

In zone 2 in Panama you will find the largest Marine Park in the country with reefs and plenty of beaches along with the Afroantillian culture. The architecture of the Bocas del Toro city features the great culture of this region. Here you will also find over seventy attractions including crystal waters along white, sandy beaches making this another favorite of the eco tourist as well as with divers.

Panama special tourism zone 3

The Arco Seco coast region is found in the Panama special tourism zone 3. The provinces along the coast include Los Santos and Herrera. These areas are unique featuring socio-cultural and traditional events that attract many tourists and visitors.

Panama special tourism zone 4

In Farallon you will find eight kilometers along the coast of the Pacific in Panama special tourism zone 4. The provinces include Cocle and Panama. There are twenty four natural attractions which includes the seventeen beaches. Other attractions include the eco-tourism hotspot the Anton Valley.

The Metropolitan zone 5’s principal attraction includes cultural and historical attractions, shopping, natural parks, business activities and Panama City. There are over one hundred-twenty attractions in this Panama special tourism zone alone.

In Colon you will find Portobello and this is the Panama special tourism zone 6 and has multitudes of diving spots, beaches, Historical Monuments and a National Park. There are over eighty attractions in zone 6 including ruins of forts to and underwater reefs to explore.

In the Caribbean region of the Kunas, San Blas is the seventh zone of Panama. Known for exotic islands, corral reefs and sandy white beaches that guards this traditional native American area. You will find more than two hundred attractions and more that three hundred islands made from coral that are along the sandy white beach areas.

In the Panama special tourism zone 8 you will find the Archipelago de Las Perlas. Here are over thirty islands and eight-three beaches including the Pearl Island Archipelago. There are many sport fishing areas and coral reefs to enjoy. With over one hundred thirty attractions that are natural and geared to the fishing and sports enthusiast.

The Darien region is zone 9 of Panama and has over seventy attractions both natural and cultural. The Darien National Park is the main attraction of zone 9 and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This makes this zone the ideal destination for adventure and ecological tourism.

With the zones breaking out the attractions both natural and cultural makes choosing a destination based on your preferences is much easier now with Panama special tourism.

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