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Panama Beaches – Destinations You Should Not Miss

Panama is a country composed of hundred of islands and islets, besides having both a Pacific Coast and an Atlantic Coast also Panama beaches. So it is not surprising to see an abundance of Panama beaches. The climate here in Panama is warm and humid the whole year round, and because of this, you feel like you’re always invited to a Panama beach. The best season to visit Panama is from December to April, the country’s dry season. These are the months when Panama hotels raise their rates to take advantage of the tourist season. Although there are a number of beaches on the mainland of Panama, it is the islands where you can find the best Panama beaches.

If you are vacationing in Panama City, and you would like to relax for a day or 2, you can escape to the nearby Taboga Island. It is very tranquil here, you’ll feel relaxed the moment you arrive. The sand beaches here are white and nice. There are Taboga hotels that will place you in a room right by the sea.

The Panama Beaches in San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands is a group of islands located in the northeastern Komarca de Kuna Yala Province. This is where you can pick the outstanding Panama beaches destinations. Although there are rustic Panama hotels here in San Blas Islands, it would be better if you rough it a bit, so you can enjoy this part of paradise. These beaches are the kinds that you see usually in travel magazine covers. The Panama beaches here in San Blas has an abundance of palm trees. The coral reefs are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Panama Beaches in Bocas del Toro

The Bocas del Toro is an archipelago situated on the northwestern Panama coast, and is also another Panama beach destination. The Isla Colon, in particular, is the main hub where tourists go to explore the island Panama beaches There are Panama beach hotels on the nearby islands where you are always welcome. Scuba diving and snorkeling are again excellent activities here because of the coral reefs. You might want to go to the Red Frog Beach and Playa Larga. There are only 2 of the Panama beach destinations found in the islands.
On the Pacific side you will find the Pearl Island, which has started to be noticed by travelers as another Panama beach destination. The place is still uncrowded at the present time, although it may not stay that way for a long time. The Pearl Island is also easy to reach from the Panama City and you can go and explore the deserted beaches like in Taboga Islands.

The Panama Beaches in the Island of Coiba

The Island of Coiba is located when you head west on Panama’s Pacific Coast, This is a top spot where you can enjoy some of the relaxing Panama beaches. The Isla Coiba National Park is where you can find a jungle meeting the sea, so it will be fantastic to explore. Make sure you spend a few days here and experience the best scuba diving experience you’ll ever had. You can reach the Island of Coiba by driving or flying. Go and enjoy Panama beaches.

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    Panama Foods – What To Expect When You Visit Panama

    People who make their first visit to Panama often wonder about the Panama foods. What kind of Panama foods can a visitor expect to eat in Panama? Well, because of Panama’s location, the country is where you can find a vast array of tasty and fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish. When you combine these with the influences from the native Indians, Spanish, American and other Latin American countries, what you’ll get is great Panama food that varies from the ultra-exotic to the familiar.

    What Panama Foods Are Popular In The Country

    When you are having your breakfast in Panama, you can expect to be served with Panama foods consisting of corn tortillas, deep fried, and heaped with eggs and fried meat. If you don’t feel like you can eat this, eggs and toast with good Panamanian coffee will come to you easily. You can also have some fresh fruits if you like.

    A typical meal in Panama includes meat, coconut rice and beans with locally grown vegetables and fruits such as squash, yucca, and plantains. Because Panama is a coastal country, the Panama foods here always include excellent fresh seafood Fish come from either the Atlantic or Pacific coasts, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of fish coming in. Most restaurants offer almost all types of seafood for tourists and the locals as well.

    The most popular Panama foods are a Panamanian stew packed with vegetables and chicken (Sancocho), savory flour pastries filled with potatoes, cheese and meat (empanadas), and a yucca roll, fried, with meat and boiled egg stuffing (carimanola). There is also the Tamales, a kind of Panama foods which is composed of corn dough and meat, covered in banana leaves, and boiled. The leaf, when boiled, brings out a pretty good flavor.

    Panama Foods – Snacks and Sides

    For your Panama foods side dish, you will appreciate the yucca frita, which is fried yucca served with your meal. The yucca frita tastes like the tropical French fries. You may also be served with plantains, which may come to you 3 ways: patacones are green plantains cut crosswise and have a little bit salty taste in it. The maduros are fried mature plantains the taste of which is slightly sweeter, and the tajadas are plantains cut lengthwise, baked, and sprinkled with cinnamon. The ceviche is one of another popular Panama foods consisting of chopped raw fish and shrimp mixed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Then marinated in lime juice.

    Panama Foods – Where To Eat If You Want To Save

    Panama foods are not exactly cheap, because Panama is not a cheap Central American country. What makes eating in Panama easy is the fact that its national currency is American dollars, so all costs are calculated in US$. But if you are trying to save money on Panama foods, you can try eating in a fonda or roadside stall. They also serve good Panama foods in these places – even the most authentic.
    If you like to drink beer, you can choose from the various brands – Panama Cerveza, , Atlas, Balboa and Soberana. You can buy Panama beers for as low as $0-.35 in the supermarkets. The price is higher in restaurants – about $1. The country also has the Panama seco, which is a fermented sugarcane liquor.Enjoy your Panama foods.

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      Panama Canal Offers More Than Ease of Passage

      Panama Canal, the world’s engineering marvel, has improved the sailing time going from the East to the West of the Americas. The once 2-month journey through the rock strewn and wind-battered seas has now become 8 to 24 hours. What a great ease of passage! And, if you’re planning your next getaway and wondering what else the world famous Canal has to offer, then I tell you there’s a lot more. Besides the short cut, you’ll certainly appreciate the Panama Canal as a unique tourist destination.

      Panama Canal Has An Interesting History

      The idea of building the Panama Canal started as early as the 16th century with the French being the first to do the construction. They started digging in 1881, but the workers were forced to stop because of major problems like serious illnesses and mud slides. In 1904, the American engineers took over the Panama Canal project. The US engineers did a great job technologically and medically. They did the excavation work while improving the sanitation in the surrounding towns, thereby reducing the risks of deadly diseases. In 1914, the Panama Canal was completed. Its cost was $387 million and 25,000 human lives.

      Great Scenery To Enjoy In Your Panama Canal Cruise

      Besides its mechanical wonders, Panama Canal has a number of stunning and great natural scenery to offer. There are the untouched, tangled jungles in the waterfront that has a variety of flora and fauna. You’ll also see more than 120 species of wild life in the Barro Colorado Nature Monument. If you want to enjoy Panama’s landscape, the best time to visit is during the dry season which is from December to April, when there is not too many rains.

      The ports of call depend on the Panama Canal cruise line and the length of your itinerary. Regular trips range from 10 to 14 nights, but if you want, you can spend more days, say 30 days or more, at sea on some tourist towns. Tourists normally stop at Colon, Panama because it is where the world’s 2nd biggest duty free zone is located. Native crafts, along with brand-name items, are sold here. The San Blas Island is another destination worth visiting. And the Panama City offers a mixture of colonial and cosmopolitan sites, besides the ease of access to the surrounding rainforest.

      The Panama Canal cruises allow you to explore the Latin America – from the shores of Costa Rica to the coffee country of Colombia. To lure you further are the pristine beaches, snorkeling activities, the panoramic view of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, partying in Miami, or having a stroll through San Diego

      The Future of Panama Canal

      The Panama Canal will celebrate its 100 years of construction in the year 2014 with a $5.25 billion engineering innovation and expansion. A third lane of shipping traffic and other amenities is under construction. And it is expected to accommodate “post-Panamax” vessels. These are the commercial carriers and mega ships that exceed the original limitations of 1,000-ft. long and 100-ft. wide. The official estimate is that after the renovation, shipping and tourism in Panama Canal will double, to give both Panama and Latin America a much needed boost in their economies.You should visit Panama Canal

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