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Dining In Panama: 3 Of The Best Restaurants You May Choose

Panamanian Cuisine

Panama is a country sandwiched between two continents, North and South America, therefore it has a rich variety in its cuisine. Various kinds of regionally occurring fruits, vegetables and herbs are found here, which are extensively used for cooking in the country. Maize, rice, wheat, beef, chicken, pork and seafood are typical food items served in the Panamanian cuisine. You can find the flavor of the Caribbean’s cuisine as well as North and South American cuisine in Panama. Just like the native cuisine, Chinese and Spanish meals are also well served in the country. Corn is used in most of the food items in the region and the usage of corn also differs to most Latin American countries. The food occurring natively in Panama is significantly low on spice. You might find quite a few hot sauces in numerous restaurants here, but they are certainly not much picante. The Panamanian drinks are particularly famous, as well as the desert served after the main course meal. As the country is also sandwiched by sea and ocean, seafood covers most of the non-vegetarian proportion of the Panamanian cuisine.

Finding a good place to eat, especially in urban localities, is not much difficult. You can find numerous food joints serving from French cuisine to sushi in urban Panama. Arabian food can also be found quite easily in the urban region of the country. Outside the urban region of the country, the majority of food joints serve local food in conjunction with seafood cooked in the native style. Food is not much costly in the city, as you can find a plate of quality food for $1.25 to $5.00 in a humble accommodation. You can find quite a few Subway’s KFC’s and Wimpey’s in the region, but the local food is by far much better and cheaper than these fast-food joints. Here are a few places you must give a try while visiting Panama:

La Posta

Located in the capital of Panama, this restaurant is one of those places in the country where you can find amazing meal at prices like never before. The great lighting inside the restaurant is good enough to read the menu and sets you for a romantic date without getting too harsh on your eyes. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner and late night romantic dinners. The restaurant is also quite great for business meetings as you can serve your clients with some great Panamanian, French and Chinese cuisine. Ambience and décor are also nice, so you get quality food served in great accommodation. The place also takes good care of the noise, so that you don’t have any disturbance while talking with your clients or friends while eating. The tables are plentiful but still the place gets crowded at times, so reservations are requested, which can be done through phone calls or on the restaurant’s website. The restaurant won’t get much on your pocket as it is quite cheap. Its itineraries vary between a price range of $10 to $60. Don’t forget to help yourself with the amazingly refreshing Panamanian drinks once you get in here.


Another great space to relax and eat in the Panama City, this restaurant offers a wide range of plates for lunch, dinner and after hours dinning. You can take your clients for a meal here, while it is not a bad place to hang around with your friends after a tiring day at the beaches in the city either. The restaurant specializes in local cuisine and offers some great amenities for couples. The food is presented in an amazing way. This home-like place also has provisions for open dinning, where you can have a great view of the outdoors while you eat with your friends. Reservations are preferred as the restaurant may get crowded due to its popularity in the city. You can find numerous tourists dinning in here along with the locals. The price is also reasonable for the great amenities they offer. The price range varies from $20 to $50, which is way too less than other comparable places around the globe. The restaurant is more known for its presentation of food along with the great service. Don’t forget the wine while you visit the place.

Segundo Muelle

It’s the best place to dine in while exploring Panama. Serving Peruvian cuisine only for dinners, the restaurant is also one of the costliest in the country. The restaurant is especially famous for the seafood, which is served with the blend of Peruvian and Panamanian cooking styles. The fresh seafood served here is by far the best served anywhere in the whole country. You can find the very rare and best amenities in the restaurant which makes the $30-$150 price range of the restaurant look very affordable. The restaurant is famous for Tiradito de Corvina, which it serves on personal requests. Do check out this dish while visiting the restaurant.

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Must Try for Foodies when in Panama

Panama has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food and adventure. For most people, food becomes one of the most interesting things to try in any country, Panama included. So if you are a self-confessed foodie and would be willing to ditch your traditional food for a while, here are some suggestions of what to eat while in Panama.

  1. For a light and tasty breakfast, try the Panamanian tortillas. Familiar with Mexican tortillas? Panamanian tortillas are a bit different. They are fried, light to the taste, and perfect with some cheese and eggs. Want to cut down on cholesterol? Take them as is. Pair them with Panamanian coffee for a simple but tasty meal and you are all set.
  2. For a new food experiment try the Carimanola, fried yucca with exquisite eggs filling – a light and simple dish that is sure to indulge any foodie. The good thing about Carimanola is one is exposed to a variety of textures – crispy covering with a creamy and tasty filling.
  3. If you are ready for a more indulgent feast, try the ceviche, food found in various locations along Panama that boasts of fresh corvine, a sea bass variety doused in lemon juice and seasoned with spices. Ceviche has become a delight for any visitor that a lot of food establishments have included it in their menus.
  4. After an afternoon filled with tours and adventures, one may want to close the day with Tamales, a delicious dish made of ground corn dough stuffed with chicken or pork and spices. Not interested? You may have the Arroz Con Pollo, rice with capers, olives, peas and spices. This is that time when you let your diet go out the window and indulge in the oh-so-delicious treat.
  5. If you still have room in there, you may want to try some desserts like Raspados, or the more complex but equally tasty Tropical Food Batidos.

All in all, Panama cuisine boasts of simple, light, but tasty food. If you happen to visit, be sure to chalk these delicacies up in your itinerary and vow to not leave without trying them.

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    Panama Foods – What To Expect When You Visit Panama

    People who make their first visit to Panama often wonder about the Panama foods. What kind of Panama foods can a visitor expect to eat in Panama? Well, because of Panama’s location, the country is where you can find a vast array of tasty and fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish. When you combine these with the influences from the native Indians, Spanish, American and other Latin American countries, what you’ll get is great Panama food that varies from the ultra-exotic to the familiar.

    What Panama Foods Are Popular In The Country

    When you are having your breakfast in Panama, you can expect to be served with Panama foods consisting of corn tortillas, deep fried, and heaped with eggs and fried meat. If you don’t feel like you can eat this, eggs and toast with good Panamanian coffee will come to you easily. You can also have some fresh fruits if you like.

    A typical meal in Panama includes meat, coconut rice and beans with locally grown vegetables and fruits such as squash, yucca, and plantains. Because Panama is a coastal country, the Panama foods here always include excellent fresh seafood Fish come from either the Atlantic or Pacific coasts, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of fish coming in. Most restaurants offer almost all types of seafood for tourists and the locals as well.

    The most popular Panama foods are a Panamanian stew packed with vegetables and chicken (Sancocho), savory flour pastries filled with potatoes, cheese and meat (empanadas), and a yucca roll, fried, with meat and boiled egg stuffing (carimanola). There is also the Tamales, a kind of Panama foods which is composed of corn dough and meat, covered in banana leaves, and boiled. The leaf, when boiled, brings out a pretty good flavor.

    Panama Foods – Snacks and Sides

    For your Panama foods side dish, you will appreciate the yucca frita, which is fried yucca served with your meal. The yucca frita tastes like the tropical French fries. You may also be served with plantains, which may come to you 3 ways: patacones are green plantains cut crosswise and have a little bit salty taste in it. The maduros are fried mature plantains the taste of which is slightly sweeter, and the tajadas are plantains cut lengthwise, baked, and sprinkled with cinnamon. The ceviche is one of another popular Panama foods consisting of chopped raw fish and shrimp mixed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Then marinated in lime juice.

    Panama Foods – Where To Eat If You Want To Save

    Panama foods are not exactly cheap, because Panama is not a cheap Central American country. What makes eating in Panama easy is the fact that its national currency is American dollars, so all costs are calculated in US$. But if you are trying to save money on Panama foods, you can try eating in a fonda or roadside stall. They also serve good Panama foods in these places – even the most authentic.
    If you like to drink beer, you can choose from the various brands – Panama Cerveza, , Atlas, Balboa and Soberana. You can buy Panama beers for as low as $0-.35 in the supermarkets. The price is higher in restaurants – about $1. The country also has the Panama seco, which is a fermented sugarcane liquor.Enjoy your Panama foods.

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