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Shop ‘til you drop in Panama

Whether you are in the country for business or pleasure, you should never miss the chance to shop and bring home some souvenirs for your family and loved ones or even for your own expenditure. Panama has been a destination for shoppers for two reasons, traveling to the country is very easy and its recent economic boom can be an indication that many new malls were put up. It boasts a broad selection of shopping locations to meet all of your needs. You can choose from their huge shopping centers similar to those malls in the U.S. and their street markets.


Mallrats’ Paradise

If you are a high end malls fanatic, the popular shopping ends include the Albrook Mall, Multiplaza Panama and Multicentro Mall. All these offer an array of stores and shops, food courts, movie houses, kids’ parks and other remarkable amenities.

 Albrook Mall is considered to be famous and amazingly the biggest of them all. It is a huge mall that offers everything from gadgets to fashion and crafts. It also offers everyday low prices to keep up with the competition. One interesting detail of this mall is its entrances which are after animal names that allow you to easily remember the doors where you came in.

Multiplaza is regarded as the most attractive mall at the same time the most expensive as it has all those designer American shops. They also have a huge selection of food houses and first class movie theaters.

Multicentro is deemed as the little Hong Kong in the Americas is a small and quiet mall but houses some of the unique shops you could not find anywhere else. It is the bargain department store which surrounded by condominiums, office buildings and hotels.


Bargain Haven

 If you are on a budget and enjoys bargaining, Panama has a place for you. You can choose from La Central, Los Pueblos and Calidonia.

La Central is said to be the original shopping area of the city. It is a two miles pedestrian only area. Los Pueblos is located near the airport where you can also find stores of almost everything. Calidonia on the other hand is a bit busy where stores are lined on both sides of the road with hectic people and vehicles. These shops already offer low prices but you can still haggle as the prices can go down from 20 to 30%. When in these places, you should also be very careful for pickpockets and thieves.


Panama is a sure delight for every shopping lover. So enjoy your stay and enjoy your shopping!



Enjoying Panama

Panama lives up to its national motto “For the benefit of the world,” delivering a world of benefits to its visitors and then some. Central America’s southernmost country boasts a unique geographical locale affording visitors miles of pristine coastline bordering two oceans, and an amalgamation of people and cultures that is unparalleled.

While in Panama City, one must-see is Casco Viejo, the city’s charming 16th century Spanish colonial “old town” resplendent in winding narrow streets, sidewalk cafes and wrought-iron balconies overflowing with exquisite flowers.

Other recommendations within the Panama City-limits include Panama La Vieja, the original city’s ruins; Parque Natural Metropolitano, a large tropical forest abundant with native flora and fauna; and the Calle Uruguay neighborhood, epicenter of the city’s exciting nightlife. Don’t forget to visit the Continental Hotel Riande’s Wurlitzer’s Lobby Bar, home to a sprawling, glow-in-the-dark Wurlitzer organ.

Your browser may not support display of this image. A short drive from Panama City leads to the famed Panama Canal, another of the country’s can’t-miss destinations. The Miraflores Lockes offer a visitor center–Centro de Visitantes de Miraflores–complete with an observation deck, museum, an English-Spanish theater and a restaurant overlooking the locks.

Visit to Panama City is a must for any traveler to Panama. Located on the country’s Pacific Coast, Panama City is a sophisticated metropolis offering a diverse array of attractions ranging from cultural destinations to fine dining to nightlife to even gambling. The city’s colorful party buses offer a memorable way to enjoy some sightseeing while making merry.

Panama’s lush countryside offers an abundance of natural beauty, wildlife, and hospitable people. Within an hour or so drive of Panama City is a succession of un-crowded, white-sand beaches and aqua-blue waters along the Pacific Coast, including the popular destinations of Punta Chame, Gorgona, Coronado, Rio Mar, Santa Clara and Playa Blanca.

Nearby the Pacific Coast beaches are the picturesque mountain communities of El Valle de Anton and Los Altos de Maria where visitors can sample the local cuisine, browse shops and enjoy the indigenous culture of Panama. Another more remote option is the The Darien province, home to the Parque Nacional Darien, a massive tropical forest that makes a wonderful visit for the adventurous traveler.

If time allows, Panama’s coastal islands provide unique travel destinations just a short boat or plane ride away from the mainland. In the Caribbean seas off the Atlantic coast, visit the San Blas Islands, where the native Kuna Indians craft their renowned molas. Isla Grande, also in the Atlantic, is a beautiful destination, as is Contadora in the Pearl Island Archipelago.

Panama- The Perfect Holiday Destination

Panama can give a new definition to versatility. This American country is what you call God’s favorite place. It has been bestowed with every gift of nature. It is that perfect getaway you had been looking for after months of “all work and no play”. Well you already must have turned into the “dull boy” then. Get set to recharge yourself at this very bed of nature.

Panama is the southern most American country known for its rich natural wealth. This country has a total population of around 3,360,475. It has been divided into nine provinces and ten cities altogether. The people generally follow Roman Catholic as a religion and speak Spanish in this region. However English is very much prevalent with almost everybody knowing this language.

The tropical climate and perfect holiday weather of the Panama will just do the needful for you. At Panama you can enjoy the beauty of the pristine beaches along side clear blue seas. You could admire the mighty mountains and be startled by their beauty every single minute. It is a different world altogether, away from the hustle bustle and pollution of big cities and towns; overall a perfect place to relax and de-stress yourself.

The country holds the best eco tourism sites of the world. The rich flora and fauna of this country will leave you awestruck. The multi canopied swamps that are present on one side of this country is a great tourist attraction. After years of seeing only bricks and walls all around, nothing could appeal to you as much as the abundant greenery of the Panamas. For all you adventure enthusiasts, the famous Canopy Adventure at Panama will take you through the enriching experience of ecotourism while rock climbing. That is you get to experience nature at an unbelievable close proximity. You could also plunge in for the amazing water adventure at the San Blas Archipelago.

Panama is famous for it’s “the golden toad”. The locals actually believe this gold skinned frog once found in this country in abundance to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity. No wonder, it is this golden frog that they use as their National Symbol. However this amphibian is believed to be extinct now.

When in Panama, how can you forget the “molas”? This is a fabric made by the natives of this country. They earn their livelihood by manufacturing and selling this fabric. Tourists from all around the world come here and buy these “molas” known to be a part of the Panama heritage. When at Panama, you just cannot miss the soothing local music. This music, again strongly influenced by Spanish music, will make that evening of yours where while relaxing you can forget just about everything and be drowned deep into its soulful rhythm.

Panama is the ideal place when you need to enjoy an amazing holiday and yet not burn a hole in your pocket. The place is extremely affordable unlike most of the holiday destinations in the world. It is extremely safe for the foreigners and the locals are all happy to help and very welcoming and warm. It has all tourism facilities that you could require. Be it with your family or friends, for that budget holiday of yours, choose the Panamas.

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