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Dining In Panama: 3 Of The Best Restaurants You May Choose

Panamanian Cuisine

Panama is a country sandwiched between two continents, North and South America, therefore it has a rich variety in its cuisine. Various kinds of regionally occurring fruits, vegetables and herbs are found here, which are extensively used for cooking in the country. Maize, rice, wheat, beef, chicken, pork and seafood are typical food items served in the Panamanian cuisine. You can find the flavor of the Caribbean’s cuisine as well as North and South American cuisine in Panama. Just like the native cuisine, Chinese and Spanish meals are also well served in the country. Corn is used in most of the food items in the region and the usage of corn also differs to most Latin American countries. The food occurring natively in Panama is significantly low on spice. You might find quite a few hot sauces in numerous restaurants here, but they are certainly not much picante. The Panamanian drinks are particularly famous, as well as the desert served after the main course meal. As the country is also sandwiched by sea and ocean, seafood covers most of the non-vegetarian proportion of the Panamanian cuisine.

Finding a good place to eat, especially in urban localities, is not much difficult. You can find numerous food joints serving from French cuisine to sushi in urban Panama. Arabian food can also be found quite easily in the urban region of the country. Outside the urban region of the country, the majority of food joints serve local food in conjunction with seafood cooked in the native style. Food is not much costly in the city, as you can find a plate of quality food for $1.25 to $5.00 in a humble accommodation. You can find quite a few Subway’s KFC’s and Wimpey’s in the region, but the local food is by far much better and cheaper than these fast-food joints. Here are a few places you must give a try while visiting Panama:

La Posta

Located in the capital of Panama, this restaurant is one of those places in the country where you can find amazing meal at prices like never before. The great lighting inside the restaurant is good enough to read the menu and sets you for a romantic date without getting too harsh on your eyes. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner and late night romantic dinners. The restaurant is also quite great for business meetings as you can serve your clients with some great Panamanian, French and Chinese cuisine. Ambience and décor are also nice, so you get quality food served in great accommodation. The place also takes good care of the noise, so that you don’t have any disturbance while talking with your clients or friends while eating. The tables are plentiful but still the place gets crowded at times, so reservations are requested, which can be done through phone calls or on the restaurant’s website. The restaurant won’t get much on your pocket as it is quite cheap. Its itineraries vary between a price range of $10 to $60. Don’t forget to help yourself with the amazingly refreshing Panamanian drinks once you get in here.


Another great space to relax and eat in the Panama City, this restaurant offers a wide range of plates for lunch, dinner and after hours dinning. You can take your clients for a meal here, while it is not a bad place to hang around with your friends after a tiring day at the beaches in the city either. The restaurant specializes in local cuisine and offers some great amenities for couples. The food is presented in an amazing way. This home-like place also has provisions for open dinning, where you can have a great view of the outdoors while you eat with your friends. Reservations are preferred as the restaurant may get crowded due to its popularity in the city. You can find numerous tourists dinning in here along with the locals. The price is also reasonable for the great amenities they offer. The price range varies from $20 to $50, which is way too less than other comparable places around the globe. The restaurant is more known for its presentation of food along with the great service. Don’t forget the wine while you visit the place.

Segundo Muelle

It’s the best place to dine in while exploring Panama. Serving Peruvian cuisine only for dinners, the restaurant is also one of the costliest in the country. The restaurant is especially famous for the seafood, which is served with the blend of Peruvian and Panamanian cooking styles. The fresh seafood served here is by far the best served anywhere in the whole country. You can find the very rare and best amenities in the restaurant which makes the $30-$150 price range of the restaurant look very affordable. The restaurant is famous for Tiradito de Corvina, which it serves on personal requests. Do check out this dish while visiting the restaurant.

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How Is Christmas Celebrated In Panama City

Panama City Xmas Celebrations

Panama City is the center of Christmas celebrations in Panama, with 25% of its 3 million population living in Panama city. The observance of this Panama holiday is done according to the mixture of Spanish and American traditions. Many Americans stayed long in Panama during the building of the Panama Canal. The Christmas celebration begins on the 2nd week of December, whereby houses and businesses are decorated for the upcoming Panama holiday. Traditional Christmas lights and Christmas trees are put up on houses and businesses to symbolize that Christmas is coming soon.

In Panama City, Christmas is observed by holding Christmas parades. These parades make Christmas an exciting Panama holiday. The children from around the Panama city, particularly those from poor families, are gathered, and together they are brought to the center of festivities to receive some gifts and to enjoy the parades. The floats used in the parade are decorated colorfully in national styles. The women and girls dress in their native party dresses called polleras, while the men and boys in their menunos. Everybody in Panama City is looking up for this Panama holiday, Christmas, so they can wear their native costumes.

Panama City Expats Celebrate

Expats and tourists enjoy going to the Panama City Beach to enjoy one more tradition of this Panama holiday where a giant Christmas tree is ceremoniously lighted while singing Christmas carols. Even members of the local churches come together and they serve hot cocoa and cookies to everybody. Firework displays can be seen and enjoyed at the end of the festivities on this Panama holiday. Later at night, a Christmas boat parade, with colorful and glittering lights, is held in Panama City Beach.

Many tourists come to Panama city in time for Christmas to witness and enjoy this Panama holiday and at the same time to escape the snowy and cold winter of their home countries. Other nations up north normally experience snow banks and ice storms during December so they come to Panama city to feel its hot and humid weather. Many people from the northern countries make sure that they choose Panama city as their Panama holiday destination during the Christmas season.

Family Time in Panama City

The Panamanians in general have their big Christmas, Panama holiday celebration on the 24th of December. There are no bells to announce the coming of Jesus Christ, only firework displays. Families enjoy the huge meals together as they light the fireworks that shoot out from every Panamanian town. After the meals, at around past 1:00 am of December 25, Christmas day, people put some Christmas cheers into their cars and drive around for a visit to other family members and friends. Some tourists who are experiencing this Panama holiday tradition for the first time find this practice unique.

In Panama city, visiting relatives and friends in the middle of the night during Christmas is not odd. It is their tradition, and the relatives and friends will feel insulted if you do not go to their houses for a plate of food and some drinks.

The Panama non-working days during Christmas are half-day of the 24th, the whole days of December 25 and 26. The 26 was just recently declared a public holiday in Panama City.

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    Panama Offshore Banking Guides In Opening An Offshore Bank Account

    Panama offshore banking – Laws

    The laws of Panama has superior banking secrecy laws, along with a very solid economic environment and strong political government. Panama offshore banking is one proof that you can still find a place that will allow business and people to do their banking in private. The present high speed communication and the internet makes it possible for anyone to set up and manage a Panama offshore banking and do your transactions from anywhere in the world.

    If you are interested in setting up a Panama offshore banking account, you must first find a law firm to provide you with banking introduction services and guide you through the process of opening and managing an offshore bank account with the more reputable banks in Panama. You cannot just travel to Panama from where you reside, walk in to a bank and open an account. Panama offshore banking is done via introductions. If you skip this process, most likely your bank application will have to wait until you realize that introductions mean a big difference between bank approval within 5 days and approval in 5 months or maybe never.

    Panama offshore banking – Account Opening

    Many people tried to open a Panama offshore banking account without being introduced by a law firm, and they waited weeks, even months hoping their account would be approved. Of course the bank will be very polite and will accept your application, but without any introduction, your bank account may not be opened. This may never be understood by people from the North American or European culture, but in Panama offshore banking, introductions to the bank are very important.

    Be smart. This is the best way to open a Panama offshore banking account. Hire a law firm whose lawyers are experts in offshore legal matters. You can contact them online, so you save dollars on travel tickets and hotel bills. The important thing about hiring a lawyer to assist in your Panama offshore banking account is you have attorney-client relationship. It means that all your important information cannot be passed on by your lawyer to another person, otherwise they will lose their license to practice.

    Panama offshore banking – Asset Protection

    You have worked so hard to protect your assets. Don’t get yourself fooled by “re-seller companies” or “offshore company mills”. They work by spamming the search engines and once they found you, take your “order” to open a Panama offshore banking account, then re-sell your order to a real law firm by passing on your information to them. It is obvious that they do not know anything about Panama offshore banking, so they re-sell. Doing this, however, these re-seller companies violate the attorney-client privilege. Your name, address, phone number, company name and other information will be passed on to other firm.

    The websites of offshore company mills may look professional, but you will find later that they are not a law firm. They may lie to you and say that they have lawyers on their staff. Don’t get tricked by this. Ask for their license and look for the words “Law Firm”, “Lawyers” or “Abogados” displayed on the About Us Section of their home page about Panama offshore banking.

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