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Pedasi in the Region of Los Santos, Panama

Pedasi is an unspoiled region just coming to the notice of the rich and famous wanting somewhere quiet and unspoiled to hide away in.

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Pedasi Beach in Panama

The town of Pedasi in Panama is on the Azuero Peninsula in the region of Los Santos on the Pacific Coast. It is a small coastal fishing village nestled on green rolling hills that resemble the Tuscan region of Italy.

It benefits from being the driest area in the country (precipitation of 1500mm per year vs. 2400 in Panama City and 3600 in the Atlantic Coast), with dry season lasting six months. The town is easily accessible from Panama City by air and land.

The coastal roads wind around beautiful cliffs where you can see tide pools, beaches and a traditional Spanish hacienda every so often.

The dramatic shores and the fame it has for its virgin fishing grounds have brought a select crowd of investors to this small fishing village, among them an extensive Hollywood crowd that have purchased land and houses here.

Pedasi Town

Pedasi Church at Sunset Unusual for Latin America, the layout of the town is symmetrically built around a town square replete with gazebo and church. Green street signs mark the streets. The atmosphere is that of a cultured beach town; the few shops include a local art gallery, dive shop, brick oven pizza joint and a handful of restaurant/bars.

A surf shop and juice bar has just been completed, adding to the growing vibe. Overwhelmingly noticeable are the modest but beautiful houses here painted in vivid blues and greens, earthy reds and yellows, with tiled roofs and front porch seating.

In Pedasi life moves slowly and everyone is friendly.

Pedasi is the home town of former president Mireya Moscoso, and during her term, the town benefited greatly in the form of good roads, lighting and other infrastructure.

There has been a buzz in the area for some time. This is partly due to the list if stars that have been reported to have invested here, people like Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis and Mick Jagger.


The allure of Pedasi comes from the sheer awe of pristine natural beauty and the simplicity of living in a small fishing village. Visitors here can expect to see sea turtles, whales, and more species of fish than one could name. From Pedasi, Playa Venao, Destiladeros and Modrono are all quick car rides to great surf spots. Playa Venao has its own surf camp and this beach, like the others, are the perfect spot to catch waves free from crowds.

It is also located near Isla Iguana which is an island reserve, with beautiful white sand beaches and a very large variety of birds.

Pedasi for Fishing

This is a great place to go fishing and it is not for nothing that it is know as the tuna coast. It is the closest land point to the continental shell and fish migration which makes it one of the best fishing spots in the Americas for tuna, marlin, snapper & sailfish, as well as for Whale Watching. Video of a Good Catch!

Diving on the Azuero Peninsula

Pedasi from the air

Given the amount of fish here and beautiful coral this is a great place for scuba diving.

You can rent equipment from Pedasi Diving and Fishing and they will take care of everything from the transportation to the beach, to the boat to Isla Iguana, and even provide lunch, all for a package deal of under $90, which includes two tanks.

Real Estate Development of the Azuero Peninsula

For an excellent article written by Jesse Levin on the future of Pedasi from a real estate point of view go to the Panama Report on Pedasi

Pedasi Panama The famous French architect Gilles Saint-Gilles lives here. He chose Pedasi, Panama as it reminded him of Tuscany in the wet season and Africa in the dry season.

He is building the Azueros project here. His legendary creations include Saudi palaces and buildings in Asia, North America, Middle East and various private homes.

Real estate in this region has been undervalued but not any more as it becomes home to some of the most upscale developments anywhere in Panama. The homes on the Azueros project are selling from $400,000 - $2,000,000.

Raw land in this region sells for between $12 - $25 per meter squared ($1.12 - $2.50 per square foot). Property values have tripled here within the last year. The increase of land prices comes from developers becoming aware of the uniqueness the area has to offer. You can buy huge tracts of land here, for example 375 hectares for $12,750,000.

There are currently a number of five-star hotels under construction.

To see properties for sale in Panama go to Property for Sale in Panama

Places to Stay & Places to Eat

For a nice Bed and Breakfast at a boutique hotel try Casa Margarita For something larger try the Playa Venado Eco Complex Try also the Playito Resort just outside town. They do good food too.

For restaurants try the Angela and Las Delicias , on the main street, serving local food; the latter is slightly more expensive. We have heard the pizza at Tiestos is pretty good too.

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