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Security in Panama

Staying safe! Learn about security.

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Here is the top ten list of travel security tips that all travelers should know before going abroad. It has been provided by an ex-policeman who has created an excellent and very informative website on security called travel-security-and-safety.com

They have a whole lot of really great information on being safe in all areas of your life. Definitely worth a read!

Top 10 Travel Security Tips

1) Carry of copy of your passport with you while in country.

2) Travel in large groups rather than alone.

3) Choose a safe and secure hotel rather than a cheap one.

4) Remember to leave contact information (i.e., email address or phone number) with family and friends so they can get in touch with you abroad.

5) Refrain from carrying large bags while touring.

6) Contact the police immediately and report it if you are victimized.

7) Be aware of your surroundings and avoid social distractions (e.g., cell phones and mp3 players)

8) Surrender your valuables if confronted by thieves. They can be replaced.

9) Be extra careful when using public transportation abroad. If possible avoid using crowded busses.

10) Get sound security advice by contacting your embassy or consulate and speaking with someone in the security office.

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