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Panama Beaches – Destinations You Should Not Miss

Panama is a country composed of hundred of islands and islets, besides having both a Pacific Coast and an Atlantic Coast also Panama beaches. So it is not surprising to see an abundance of Panama beaches. The climate here in Panama is warm and humid the whole year round, and because of this, you feel like you’re always invited to a Panama beach. The best season to visit Panama is from December to April, the country’s dry season. These are the months when Panama hotels raise their rates to take advantage of the tourist season. Although there are a number of beaches on the mainland of Panama, it is the islands where you can find the best Panama beaches.

If you are vacationing in Panama City, and you would like to relax for a day or 2, you can escape to the nearby Taboga Island. It is very tranquil here, you’ll feel relaxed the moment you arrive. The sand beaches here are white and nice. There are Taboga hotels that will place you in a room right by the sea.

The Panama Beaches in San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands is a group of islands located in the northeastern Komarca de Kuna Yala Province. This is where you can pick the outstanding Panama beaches destinations. Although there are rustic Panama hotels here in San Blas Islands, it would be better if you rough it a bit, so you can enjoy this part of paradise. These beaches are the kinds that you see usually in travel magazine covers. The Panama beaches here in San Blas has an abundance of palm trees. The coral reefs are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The Panama Beaches in Bocas del Toro

The Bocas del Toro is an archipelago situated on the northwestern Panama coast, and is also another Panama beach destination. The Isla Colon, in particular, is the main hub where tourists go to explore the island Panama beaches There are Panama beach hotels on the nearby islands where you are always welcome. Scuba diving and snorkeling are again excellent activities here because of the coral reefs. You might want to go to the Red Frog Beach and Playa Larga. There are only 2 of the Panama beach destinations found in the islands.
On the Pacific side you will find the Pearl Island, which has started to be noticed by travelers as another Panama beach destination. The place is still uncrowded at the present time, although it may not stay that way for a long time. The Pearl Island is also easy to reach from the Panama City and you can go and explore the deserted beaches like in Taboga Islands.

The Panama Beaches in the Island of Coiba

The Island of Coiba is located when you head west on Panama’s Pacific Coast, This is a top spot where you can enjoy some of the relaxing Panama beaches. The Isla Coiba National Park is where you can find a jungle meeting the sea, so it will be fantastic to explore. Make sure you spend a few days here and experience the best scuba diving experience you’ll ever had. You can reach the Island of Coiba by driving or flying. Go and enjoy Panama beaches.

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    Panama Beach Resorts Which Would You Book

    It is not a big surprise to find so many Panama beach resorts on the mainland as well as in the hundreds of Panama islands found offshore.Panama is wedged in between two oceans, the Pacific Ocean on the south and the Atlantic Ocean on the north. You can find Panama beach resorts very close to the capital, the Panama city, and Colon. If you want to go to the islands, a short plane or boat ride will take you there.

    Panama beach resorts attracts visitors

    The San Blas Island, for example, is the region where you can easily find an eco-resort. In this island you can find the Coral Lodge, Panama beach resorts that is attracting many visitors. It is considered one of the more unique resorts in Central America. There are villas in Coral Lodge that actually sit over the water and this will provide you with views of the beaches and the rainforests. However, getting to this Panama beach resort requires a transportation arrangement because it is not easy to get here. But it will not be an issue, though, because once you arrive here, you will feel that you are relieved of stress and you become relaxed.

    Contadora Island Panama beach resorts

    Contadora Island is also a top island destination of Panama where another Panama beach resort, the Punta Geleon Resort, is located. This is one luxury resort that you’d feel nice to go to. If you are going to Panama to look where you can relax by the sea, go scuba diving or just get yourself away from your busy and crowded place, the Bocas del Toro archipelago is the place to go. There are some good Panama beach resorts here that can give you your desired relaxation. Also not to be left out is the Natural Resort on Bastimentos. This resort offers huts for guests, and you will love the creature comfort that you will find here.

    Also in Bocas del Toro is the Garden of Eden, located on a private island. If you want to get your beach experience in this Panama beach resorts, it is recommended that you book early because there are only a few units available here.

    Chiriqui Highlands Panama beach resorts

    Panama’s Chiriqui Highlands also attract a lot of visitors because of its stunning landscape. Tourists stay at one of the Panama beach resorts because they find it a great lodging fit as the rooms, suites or villas here are all designed for the comfort of their visitors. As in other Panama beach resorts, the beach resorts in Chiriqui are easy to book online. Some of the Panama beach resorts are featured in the various Panama travel packages.

    All Panama beach resorts offer incredibly beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, coral reefs, white sand and coconut palm trees. There is always a Panama beach resort vacation for anyone in Panama from coves to miles of open beaches, rugged costs, and popular beaches. And don’t worry you’ll get bored here because a list of fun activities by the beach will be provided for you Really, there are so many possibilities in Panama beach resorts that the only issue could be choosing the Panama beach resorts.

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