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The famous Panama Canal and its nearby landmarks

Top on the list of every visitor is the Panama Canal. It is the world renowned canal and is the number 1 tourist attraction for the country. It is also known as one of the wonders of the world. This is a terrific engineering feat and should never be missed. A visit to this canal is a worthwhile experience, being on a man-made wonder.

You can also stay at the Miraflores Locks where you can find the Panama Canal Visitors Center. Keep in mind to contact the visitors center if you want to know the best time to visit. You can also schedule or request a mini-cruise on the Panama Canal if you want to see ships passing through in action.

If you are a fan and so attracted and engrossed with the beauty of the canal and are interested in its history, you must pay a visit at Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum. It accounts and records the history of the famous canal which includes the planning and development and its edifice with the models/replicas of materials and machines used in its construction. The museum gives you an idea about its daily operation and shows you a detailed day to day process. It shows off its 4 storey building loaded with exhibits about the canal. Aside from the exhibits, it also has a theater where you can watch the movie about its making. Another attraction in this museum is its gift shop which has over the top items and not just the common and usual tourist items you find in most tourist stores. It also has a great restaurant on the site where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery that overlooks the locks.

After checking the Miraflores Locks, another interesting place to pay a tour is the Amador Causeway. It is located in the southern entrance of the Panama Canal. It is another spot to get a fantastic view of the canal. The causeway is famous for its many tourist ends. Here you will find many hotels and restaurants and areas for all kinds of activities. This causeway connects several islands which provide a nice view of the city.

Make your Panama visit memorable by visiting this famous canal and its wonderful surroundings and bring home wonderful stories about the greatness of this man-made wonder.

Panama Canal Offers More Than Ease of Passage

Panama Canal, the world’s engineering marvel, has improved the sailing time going from the East to the West of the Americas. The once 2-month journey through the rock strewn and wind-battered seas has now become 8 to 24 hours. What a great ease of passage! And, if you’re planning your next getaway and wondering what else the world famous Canal has to offer, then I tell you there’s a lot more. Besides the short cut, you’ll certainly appreciate the Panama Canal as a unique tourist destination.

Panama Canal Has An Interesting History

The idea of building the Panama Canal started as early as the 16th century with the French being the first to do the construction. They started digging in 1881, but the workers were forced to stop because of major problems like serious illnesses and mud slides. In 1904, the American engineers took over the Panama Canal project. The US engineers did a great job technologically and medically. They did the excavation work while improving the sanitation in the surrounding towns, thereby reducing the risks of deadly diseases. In 1914, the Panama Canal was completed. Its cost was $387 million and 25,000 human lives.

Great Scenery To Enjoy In Your Panama Canal Cruise

Besides its mechanical wonders, Panama Canal has a number of stunning and great natural scenery to offer. There are the untouched, tangled jungles in the waterfront that has a variety of flora and fauna. You’ll also see more than 120 species of wild life in the Barro Colorado Nature Monument. If you want to enjoy Panama’s landscape, the best time to visit is during the dry season which is from December to April, when there is not too many rains.

The ports of call depend on the Panama Canal cruise line and the length of your itinerary. Regular trips range from 10 to 14 nights, but if you want, you can spend more days, say 30 days or more, at sea on some tourist towns. Tourists normally stop at Colon, Panama because it is where the world’s 2nd biggest duty free zone is located. Native crafts, along with brand-name items, are sold here. The San Blas Island is another destination worth visiting. And the Panama City offers a mixture of colonial and cosmopolitan sites, besides the ease of access to the surrounding rainforest.

The Panama Canal cruises allow you to explore the Latin America – from the shores of Costa Rica to the coffee country of Colombia. To lure you further are the pristine beaches, snorkeling activities, the panoramic view of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, partying in Miami, or having a stroll through San Diego

The Future of Panama Canal

The Panama Canal will celebrate its 100 years of construction in the year 2014 with a $5.25 billion engineering innovation and expansion. A third lane of shipping traffic and other amenities is under construction. And it is expected to accommodate “post-Panamax” vessels. These are the commercial carriers and mega ships that exceed the original limitations of 1,000-ft. long and 100-ft. wide. The official estimate is that after the renovation, shipping and tourism in Panama Canal will double, to give both Panama and Latin America a much needed boost in their economies.You should visit Panama Canal

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    Panama Canal – You cannot miss it

    Panama Canal is one of the greatest engineering projects in the world. It is also one of the most difficult. Nearly 100 years after it was completed, the canal has quickly become the most popular cruise itineraries. Visitors to Panama never miss seeing this famous canal, which is often regarded to as the “8th wonder of the world”. Panama Canal has made a big difference on shipping between the two oceans. It shortened the travel time by half of what the ship will take if it sail through the long route via Cape Horn.

    Panama Canal – History

    While the history of Panama Canal is full of tragedy as the canal historians relate, passengers in the Panama Canal cruise will never forget the enjoyment they experience with the eight hour transit of the canal. This is the highlight of the cruise, as six immense locks raise the ship by 85 ft. from sea level, and then lower it slowly once again. You will also enjoy watching big ships passing by. There are three view decks where you can stay and enjoy the canal and the landscape it navigates.

    As you enjoy the cruise, you will also hear stories of how the canal was built, the human woe involved, the deaths of thousands of people caused by various diseases (malaria, H-fever), and over exhaustion from work. The building of Panama Canal was carried out under Spanish kings, conquistadores and five American presidents over a period of four centuries. The American builders continued the work when the French engineers stopped it because of so many deaths.

    Panama Canal Cruises

    The Panama Canal cruises are rarely restricted to the canal itself. Its port of call span the Carribean and the Mexican Riviera. It means that besides seeing the canal itself while you are on a cruise, you will also have the opportunity to view the Carribean Islands, rainforests, Mayan Ruins, and Mexican resorts. A visitor to the Panama Canal can never ask for more – you will have the history and the exhilarating experience that you will bring home after your holidays are over.

    If you are planning to spend some holidays in Panama, take note that the cruise season for Panama Canal runs from September to April. And the best time to visit it is after the rainy season in November. Going on a holiday with family or friends is a great idea. You will be able to bond with your loved ones and at the same time enjoy the various tourist spots of Panama including he Panama Canal. It will also offer you time to relax and have some peace and quiet from your busy life.

    The rates for cruising down the Panama Canal is affordably low. However, it is not something that anyone can do during their lifetime. There may be some things to consider such as a very busy life, lack of budget and others. But, for people who can do it for once, taking a cruise can mean an experience that is guaranteed to be remembered and treasured as long as you live and maybe tell your grandchildren about the Panama Canal.

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