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Panama Foods – What To Expect When You Visit Panama

People who make their first visit to Panama often wonder about the Panama foods. What kind of Panama foods can a visitor expect to eat in Panama? Well, because of Panama’s location, the country is where you can find a vast array of tasty and fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and fish. When you combine these with the influences from the native Indians, Spanish, American and other Latin American countries, what you’ll get is great Panama food that varies from the ultra-exotic to the familiar.

What Panama Foods Are Popular In The Country

When you are having your breakfast in Panama, you can expect to be served with Panama foods consisting of corn tortillas, deep fried, and heaped with eggs and fried meat. If you don’t feel like you can eat this, eggs and toast with good Panamanian coffee will come to you easily. You can also have some fresh fruits if you like.

A typical meal in Panama includes meat, coconut rice and beans with locally grown vegetables and fruits such as squash, yucca, and plantains. Because Panama is a coastal country, the Panama foods here always include excellent fresh seafood Fish come from either the Atlantic or Pacific coasts, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of fish coming in. Most restaurants offer almost all types of seafood for tourists and the locals as well.

The most popular Panama foods are a Panamanian stew packed with vegetables and chicken (Sancocho), savory flour pastries filled with potatoes, cheese and meat (empanadas), and a yucca roll, fried, with meat and boiled egg stuffing (carimanola). There is also the Tamales, a kind of Panama foods which is composed of corn dough and meat, covered in banana leaves, and boiled. The leaf, when boiled, brings out a pretty good flavor.

Panama Foods – Snacks and Sides

For your Panama foods side dish, you will appreciate the yucca frita, which is fried yucca served with your meal. The yucca frita tastes like the tropical French fries. You may also be served with plantains, which may come to you 3 ways: patacones are green plantains cut crosswise and have a little bit salty taste in it. The maduros are fried mature plantains the taste of which is slightly sweeter, and the tajadas are plantains cut lengthwise, baked, and sprinkled with cinnamon. The ceviche is one of another popular Panama foods consisting of chopped raw fish and shrimp mixed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Then marinated in lime juice.

Panama Foods – Where To Eat If You Want To Save

Panama foods are not exactly cheap, because Panama is not a cheap Central American country. What makes eating in Panama easy is the fact that its national currency is American dollars, so all costs are calculated in US$. But if you are trying to save money on Panama foods, you can try eating in a fonda or roadside stall. They also serve good Panama foods in these places – even the most authentic.
If you like to drink beer, you can choose from the various brands – Panama Cerveza, , Atlas, Balboa and Soberana. You can buy Panama beers for as low as $0-.35 in the supermarkets. The price is higher in restaurants – about $1. The country also has the Panama seco, which is a fermented sugarcane liquor.Enjoy your Panama foods.

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    Enjoy The Traditional Panama Foods

    The basic Panama foods consist mainly of rice, seafood and vegetables. This is because Panama has a very strategic location that contribute greatly to its agriculture, coastal horticulture, fishing and livestock production.  The traditional Panamanian foods is influenced largely by its Latin American neighbors, and also by the American culture because of the building of the Panama Canal. You can find American fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, McDonald’s and KFC in Panama City, and there are also not a few places where you can savor the tastes of Panama foods. Restaurants are in abundance all over Panama – from Panama City to the larger towns in the country.

    Panama foods is spicy and flavorful, but not as spicy as the foods of its Latin American neighbors. The cooking depends largely on garlic, onion and cilantro. But there is always a bottle of hot sauce that awaits visitors who want to have a taste of more spicy Panama foods. All the restaurants, which are attractions themselves, are proud to serve you their cuisine and you can choose among the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, American and Afro-Carribean dishes. And they are all reasonably priced.

    Traditional Panama foods or meal will not be complete without plantain, a kind of vegetable, which you can buy anytime in Panama. This is not a seasonal vegetable. To prepare this plantain, you have to peel it, slice and then fry. Then you press it and make into patties and fry again. Plantains are served in every street and restaurant in Panama. A green fried plantain is called patacones, while the ripe one is called tajadas. These Panama foods is always available during fairs and sports activities.

    Another of the Panama foods that is very popular because it is the national delicacy of the country is the sancocho. It is a spicy stew, with chicken and starchy root vegetables such as yucca or cassava. Delight your visitors by serving them a bowl of sancocho with white rice.

    There are many more Panama foods that are traditionally prepared and served to visitors and tourists and even to their families. They are listed below.

    Panama Foods- Breakfast

    Tortillas – made from thick corn dough and filled with eggs or cheese.
    Hojaldras – Panamanian doughnuts.
    Carimanola – a roll made from yucca plant with meat and boiled egg filling
    Ceviche – little sea bass, cooked with spices and lemon juice.

    Panama Foods-Dinner

    Tamales or burritos – a dough of grounded corn filled with chicken or pork filling.
    These are wrapped in banana leaves and boiled with spices.
    Arroz con Pollo – a rice dish with chicken which you can find in any restaurant.

    Panama Foods-Dessert

    Raspados – snow cones that you can buy in different flavors.
    Batidos – tropical fruit milk shakes. This refreshing Panama food is served in
    restaurants, resorts, spas and every street of Panama. The natives
    sometimes call it chichi.

    The popular drink in Panama is beer. It is consumed to get freshened, rather than to get intoxicated. There are locally brewed beers as well as imported ones. If Panamanians join a drinking session, they usually turn to locally produced rum, called the seco herrerano, or just seco.

    IF you plan to visit Panama, make sure to include in your itinerary the places where you can easily find these delectable Panama foods.

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      Panama Food What You Can Expect To Eat In Panama

      Panama Food is very tasty

      Visiting Panama for the first time? Maybe you are thinking what kind of Panama food you are likely to find there, besides the places to visit and the activities to do in Panama. Panama is a tropical country, so it grows many tasty and flavorful fruits, vegetables and herbs. Their cooking is largely influenced by Spanish, American and other European countries, so you will find that Panama food is similar to what is eaten by people from the Latin American countries, only it is not as spicy.

      Panamanian cooking is often done in oil (frying, sautéing). In its cuisine, the common Panama food are corn, fish, chicken, shrimp and shellfish dishes. There is a variety of fruits in the country although fresh fruits are not as commonly served in most restaurants in Panama. You can buy them in outdoor markets and at fruit stands along the main roads. There are fruits that are familiar to you and there are some that you can find only in Central American countries like Panama.

      Following are some Panama food served in Panamanian homes.

      Panama food – Breakfast In Panama

      Panama food served during breakfast is often made up of corn tortillas with eggs and fried meat, with the world famous Panama coffee. If you don’t go for this kind of food, you can have fresh fruit, eggs and toast and coffee.

      Panama Meals

      For meals, Panamanians usually have meat, coconut rice and beans plus local fruits and vegetables such as yucca, squash and plantains. Panama food is very vibrant with seafoods embellished with mangoes and coconuts. Other common dishes are the (1) Sancocho, a stew packed with chicken meat and vegetables, (2) Empanadas, corn or flour pastries with fillings usually composed of meat, potatoes and cheese, (3) Carimanola, fried yucca roll with meat and boild egg stuffed in it, and (4) Tamales, boild corn dough with meat. This Panama food is served in banana leaves.

      Snacks,Side Dishes and Dessert

      Panama food for snack is mostly composed of fried yucca which are served like the tropical french fries. Some plantain dishes may be fried or baked and served as a side dish. Panamanians also eat Gallo Pinto and Ceviche for snacks For their dessert, the most popular is their Tres Leches Cake, a cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk – evaporated, sweetened condensed, and cream milk.

      Panama food when eaten in restaurants, are not cheap, but the quality of food and the excellent service of restaurant staff can far outweigh the cost. Also, because the costs of meals are all in Panama’s national currency, the US dollars, you do not need to calculate the price of your Panama meal. However, if you are looking for lower priced Panama food, perhaps it will be a nice experience to eat the country’s authentic food from a “fonda” or a street stall.

      For your drink, you can have beer or water. Beers in Panama cost about $0.35 in the supermarket, and $1 in restaurants. You can also try the seco, native liquor made from fermented sugar cane. Some people mix it with milk to lessen the bite, but others drink it as is. One of the best Panama food.

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