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Panama Holiday To Experience On Your Next Getaway

Panama celebrates a number of Panama holiday which you can also enjoy if you coincide it with your vacation in Panama. The Panamanian people celebrate Panama holiday just like the people all over the world also celebrate. Examples of these holidays are New Year’s Day and Labor Day (it is celebrated May 1 in Panama). They also have their Flag Day on November 4, and also take part in celebrating Mothers’ Day on December 8 and Christmas Day on December 25.

Panama Holiday: Christmas

For all Panamanians, the Christmas celebration is something which has to do more with family, friends and religion. During this Panama holiday they also put up Christmas decorations such as figures of Santa Claus and Christmas trees, although these are not considered as important or particular as in other countries. This is a kind of Panama holiday where the birth of Jesus Christ, the family and friendships are celebrated in a solemn and serious manner. But they also buy gifts and hold contests as to who among neighbors can display the best nativity.
The Panamanians prepare dinner and serve tamales, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, salads and wines, and then they eat together and give gifts. Many recipients wait for this Panama holiday to be over before they open their gifts. Some families travel to their beach houses while many just go house hopping after midnight.

Panama Holiday: Martyrs’ Day

This particular Panama holiday, the Martyrs’ Day, is celebrated by Panamanians on January 9 of each year. This date remembers the marches made in 1964 by students from a prestigious high school. They marched to the Canal Zone protesting the raising of the American flag and wanting to raise the Panamanian flag in their school also. During the commotion, the Panamanian flag was torn, which resulted in violence. This Panama holiday remembers the 22 people who died and the more than 100 who were injured.

Panama Holiday – Carnival

This Panama holiday is celebrated during the 4 days preceding Ash Wednesday. The holiday consists of the weekend before the Ash Wednesday and the 2 other days known to Panamanians as the Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday. During this Panama holiday, the main streets are filled with party goers and parades. People stay out late all night and do all the merrymaking. The entire celebration is highlighted by the selection of the Carnival Queen.

There are other Panama holidays observed in Panama which you could also enjoy when you are able to join the celebrations. There is the Separation Day, which is celebrated on November 3. This Panama holiday is observed in commemoration of the date when Panama was officially separated from Columbia in 1903. This day is also celebrated with festivities and parades, just like many Panama holidays.
Another holiday in Panama that you can’t miss is the Uprising of Los Santos. November 10 is the day of every year that marks the uprising of Los Santos. This 2nd independence holiday is a reminder to every Panamanian of this day in 1821 when they had an uprising against the Spanish rule. This happened in the Village of Los Santos, where Panamanians were able to free themselves from Spanish colonization.Go for Panama holiday.

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    Panama Vacation- What to See and Do

    Panama Vacation – An Exciting Vacation

    People normally spend their holidays in the Carribean, particularly in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Aruba and many others. Not as many people go on a Panama vacation. One reason for this is that Panama is still undergoing development, so that only a few know that Panama is a warm country with lots of places to visit. People who have gone to a Panama vacation regard the place as a very exciting and great vacation destination.

    Panama Vacation – What is Special

    So, what is special about Panama? What is there to see and do on a Panama vacation to say that the country is a real tourist haven? Well, first and foremost, Panama and the Panama Canal both have very fascinating history. The Canal is one of the most famous waterways in the world and its engineering is marvelous. It is 50 kilometers long. Over 12,000 vessels use the canal each year and the sight of ships that pass through it are a must see in your Panama vacation.

    Panama Vacation – Attractions

    Besides the Panama Canal, the Panama City Is a place to visit. It has various spots from modern commercial center to the old district of San Felipe, where you can see the beautiful old world architecture. You must not miss the tour of San Felipe when you go on Panama vacation, especially the replicas of houses of the most well known cultures of Panama – the Spanish, the Indian and the Afro-Antillan. Panama City has the largest shopping mall in Central America, the Multicentro, with more than 250 stores. This is where you can find a wide range of merchandise including clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs and many others. Don’t forget to visit the mall when you go on Panama vacation.
    If you only have a week to spend for a Panama vacation, you might want to take a look at the two-center holiday option. You and your family or friends can stay 5 nights at the Royal Decameron Beach Resort and 2 nights at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. It would be a combined experience of a beach holiday and green tourism. However, this feature of a Panama vacation is offered only at certain periods, and not whenever you want to avail it. But there are other tours that you can surely enjoy in Panama.

    You can take the Jungle Boat Tour, the Canopy Adventure Tour, or the Anton Valley Adventure. You can visit a zoo, a botanical garden, or buy crafts made by the locals. You can go deep sea fishing during your Panama vacation. or enjoy scuba diving.

    There are endless opportunities to enjoy your Panama vacation, all at affordable prices.

    You have a lot to learn about Panama while on a holiday in Panama. The people are pleasant and friendly and the majority speak good English.
    Consider the two seasons of Panama when considering a Panama vacation. There are the dry season (January to April) and the rainy season (April to December). The temperature range from 25 – 30 deg. Celsius during the day. The evenings are normally cooler. Remember all the tips above while on a Panama vacation.

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      Rent a Safe Holiday Spot When On Vacation in Panama

      One of the most visited places in Central America is Panama, frequented by tourists from all across the globe. There are various websites catering to the travel and tourism sector within this beautiful city. One should get hold of a website of repute to learn everything one would need to know of Panama. Apart from sight seeing and fun, tourists look at spending good moments in Panama and most would want to stay in rented accommodations, which are safe and free of any hassles whatsoever.

      When you plan to vacation in Panama, you need to get a finalization of which place in the city you would like to take a look at for your holidaying needs, moreover where in Panama you would like to stay whilst your vacation is on. To get this decision made, check with reputed travel websites online for all information on Panama in details. After that you should think of the lodging and boarding whilst your stay in the city. Reputed websites would offer you unlimited information on rentals in Panama and the areas that fall in its vicinity.

      Panama is a tourist hub frequented by travelers of all age groups and from the world across. There are a number of budget accommodations and rentals available across its landscape for you to choose. Most of the hotels in Panama are apt to live in, with good amenities available round the clock and services at par of that of high end suites. Hotels can be pocket pinchers if you plan to stay long in Panama, hence rentals in the city would be the best option to look into.

      Budget hotels in and around Panama offer the weary guest amenities and yet not charge you like what the high end hotels would. Take a look online and you would get ample information on the rentals available in Panama. However, check back once again with the budget hotels displayed, so that you have no nasty surprises at the end of it all. Remember, most hotels would include package deals for sigh seeing around Panama. Take full advantage of them, since you have paid for it.

      When in Panama don’t forget to visit places such as the Anton Valley, the Boquete, the Bocas Del Toro, The Contadora Is. and the famous Panama city as well. Once again, reputed sites online would give you ample information on the rentals across these areas in Panama. There are many listings amongst directories which would provide you rentals worth the pie you spend. Charges or rates for rentals in Panama depend on where you would choose to stay during your trip.

      Finally, when thinking of staying in rental accommodations around or in Panama, always check into one, which would give you the basic amenities and world class service. Safety and security should be of prime concern as well, while you travel the landscape of the city, so when in Panama be sure you know your way through and be with someone who is a local and reliable person from Panama.

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