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Panama Holidays – A Mixture Of Pagan And Christian Cultures

Panama Holidays – Planning

People planning for a Panama holidays are not concerned about the weather in the country, but the festivals that will be observed at the time of their arrival. They are careful to plan the trip around one of the Panama holidays or festivities. There are many special events held in Panama and they usually range from an opera in Panama City to a somewhat colorful festival held in one of the districts or islands of Panama.

Panama Holidays – Religion

Because Panama is a Roman Catholic country, you can rightly expect to witness celebrations of Panama holidays that center around Christian traditions. However, the 7 primary cultures of Panama observe their own old tradition that date back more than hundreds of years. An interesting point is that most of the time, the native cultures mix their pagan beliefs with Christians during their festivals. Almost all towns and cities in Panama have their own patron saint festivals so schedule your Panama holidays accordingly to see if anything special is going on in your destination.

The most celebrated of all Panama holidays and festivals is Carnival. It is celebrated in February, actually four days leading up to Ash Wednesday. This Panama holiday is considered the most colorful and raucous of all, equivalent to a combination of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. There are lots of fireworks, music, dancing, eating and drinking. The parades held in Panama city and the Las Tablas are popular attractions. People flock to these two cities to experience the merriment.

Among the more interesting festivals that you might experience in your Panama holidays is the Festival of the Black Christ, celebrated every October 21 each year on the town of Portobelo. The parade features a life-size statue of the Black Christ. Good Friday and Easter are also important Panama holidays. The Holy Week parade are witnessed by tourists who are interested in religious events.

Panama Holidays – Music

If you are a music buff, it is highly likely that you will love to see the Panama Jazz Festival, held every January in Panama City and lasts for a week. The proceeds of this festival are donated to charitable causes. And for coffee land flower overs, there is that January Flower and Coffee Festival in Chiriqui Highlands. It is a 10-day celebration which you can join to witness how Panamanians observe the festivities.

When it comes to Panama holidays, the month of November is the most celebrated. November 1 is Panama’s National Anthem Day; November 2 is All Souls’ Day, and November 3 is the country’s Independence Day. In November 10, Panamanians celebrate the First Call For Independence. November 28 marks Panama’s Independence From Spain. These Panama holidays are all official, so don’t be surprised if things slow down a bit in November.

If you want to witness the celebration of Carnival or other Panamanian festivals, make sure you include it in your Panama vacation itinerary. you must also book your trip ahead so you can get the kind of accommodation that you desire. All these done, you are assured of a more rewarding experience while on Panama holidays.

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    Panama Holidays – Enjoy it

    For many people taking time out for a Panama holidays has become a part of their yearly schedules. Panama is a country in Central America which is very nice to visit. It has the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea as its coastline boarders. If you are planning for a month long Panama holidays, you will enjoy the long drive from the Carribean in the east to the Pacific in the west. The drive may take you a week, but you will never get tired nor bored because this will enable you to see everything that Panama has to offer, from mountains and sandy beaches, rainforests and the ever famous Panama City.

    Panama Holidays – Panama City

    Panama City is the capital of Panama, where you can see a mixture of many cultures, western and eastern. The primarily spoken languages here are English and Spanish. In your Panama holidays, be sure to see the Panama Canal, it is a must see holiday destination. You can take a train or boat tour, but it will be better if you proceed to the Miraflores docks, so you can see the boats as they come in. Casco Viejo, also in Panama City. It is a historic district with old museums and buildings built in the1800s. Of course, you will want to do some shopping while on a Panama holidays. You will enjoy the street markets of Caledonia and the Avenida Central shopping streets.

    Colon, although a poor city, has so much to offer in terms of Panama culture and history. On your Panama holidays visit its main tourist attraction, the Christ Church by the Sea, and the many parks along the shore areas. Include in your itinerary of Panama holidays a visit to some restaurants with so many local flavors to offer including seafood soup and other specialties.

    Boquete is also known as the Valley of Flowers. Its attractions are the Volcano Baru, the Quetzal Trail, Chiriqui Viejo. This place is less visited compared to other tourist destinations, so prices here are lower. You pay only $5 for hostels in your Panama holidays, get affordable hiking guides, pick coffee on the sides of the volcanoes, do horseback riding and rock climbing.

    Panama Holidays – Attractions

    Portobelo, a beautiful and historic place, should not be missed on your Panama holidays. It has great beaches, Playa Frances and Playa Blanca where you can dive, snorkel, swim, and sunbathe. You can even do horseback riding here.

    In your Panama holidays you can attend the Black Christ Festival in Portobelo during Halloween. The Congos and Diablos Festival is held in spring. If you want a good place to stay, a more popular is the Pirates Cove, which charges $50 for a night’s stay. It has a Tiki bar and a restaurant. One other nice place is the Sunset Cabins that boasts of its restaurant with locally sourced food. All the rooms here have great view of the ocean. What an exciting way to spend your Panama holidays.

    There are more places in Panama worth visiting during your holidays, and they are as beautiful and exciting as the places enumerated above while on Panama Holidays.

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      Planning a vacation? Or has someone suggested you take a Panama vacation but you are still thinking, because there is very little that you know about the country. Well, to begin with, Panama has more flora and fauna than you can imagine, a world famous canal, beautiful beaches, plenty of culture and many more tourist spots to see. This holiday destination simply breathes life, and offers you a Panama vacation that will surely fit all these attributes.

      Panama Vacation – Learn about the Ecology

      Speaking of Panama ecology, you can find here a good variety of herbs, vegetables and tropical fruits that you can use if you want to try some ethnic cooking on your Panama vacation. If you are a lover of flowers, colorful and sweet smelling ones are sure to greet you upon arrival, and you will take pleasure to see the more than 1,500 species of orchids that grow in Panama. You may want to go bird watching to enjoy the 900 species of birds. This activity is highly popular here. And yes, there are so many jungles and rainforests that you can access, so make sure that you have enough time to enjoy everything in your Panama vacation.

      One of the top destination choices within Panama is the Bocas Del Toro. It is an archipelago, a group of nine islands whose beaches are attractive and not very crowded., with white sands and blue waters. You will enjoy your Panama vacation engaging in some sports such as diving, wind surfing and sea kayaking. If you are a golfer and would like to play while on Panama vacation, don’t be surprised to find here a beachfront golf course. You can surf at the Rio Mar or Punta Chame, after which you can stroll the islands and visit some US style restaurants and stores.

      In the town of Boquete in Western Panama, there is an abundance of flowers sitting next to coffee farms. Included in most Panama vacation packages are coffee plant tours that include the bean processing plants. Boquete is a nice resort area with rivers where you can do your white water rafting. If you would like to do some sightseeing along the roads, you will admire the great homes and mansions of residents who are doing well in Panama.

      Panama Vacation in Panama City

      Panama City comes as a surprise to people on Panama vacation. There is a historic section that gives vacationers a glimpse of Panama history that dates back in 1500 and 1600. The nightlife offers nightclubs and casinos. During the day, there are a lot of things to do including shopping for native crafts, or visiting some famous tourist spots.

      Don’t forget to go at the Miraflores Visitor Center if you want to view the Panama Canal on your Panama vacation. It has 3 observation decks and various displays of the canal’s history. The Panama Canal is a great engineering work of technology that connects ocean to ocean. Make sure you’ll not miss it on your next Panama vacation.

      Whether you are looking for enjoyment, excitement, relaxation or whatever in your Panama vacation, you will have it all in Panama vacation.

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