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Top 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vacation in Panama

Panama is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Central America. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean and between Costa Rica and Colombia, Panama is lavished with beautiful mountains, beaches and diverse wildlife. It is also the location of the most amazing manmade canal that connects Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the Caribbean Sea for the purpose of international maritime trade. Because of the fascinating culture and nature that Panama has to offer along with price and tax discounts to tourists, this may be one of your next vacation destinations. But with every vacation, you need to be prepared physically, mentally, socially and financially to make the most out of it and remember it for the rest of your life.

Plan ahead

Months before your planned vacation in Panama, you must have booked your flights, your hotel accommodations and even the activities that may need pre-booking. You may even contact a travel agency that can aid you for a better view of the country, especially if you are not comfortable with the backpacker’s type of adventure. You can search online as to the tourist attractions, must-do activities, hotel accommodations, dining places and many others. One more important thing is that you must know what travel documents you need to prepare before your trip so you will avoid the hassles of traveling right at the airport. You also have to know ahead what type of weather you will be in so you know what clothes to bring. And of course, do not forget your expenses and budget. When you have more than enough money, you can truly enjoy your vacation.

Prepare yourself physically

To see and enjoy more of the sights and attractions of the city, it is best to take a tour by foot. You will never know how amazing the place could be when you get to talk to the locals, visit those local food stalls or experience a day out on foot while watching the street parade or checking out for souvenirs to take home. You must be physically fit to be able to endure the long walks, the heat of the sun and the new environment. You may consider exercising or jogging weeks before your vacation. You should also modify your diet so you will have more energy for your activities. Eating more fruits, vegetables and supplements like Garcinia Cambogia may help you prepare physically.

Enjoy your vacation

Vacations are supposed to be a moment away from the stresses of your normal life routine. Avoid distractions. You may leave a message on your answering machine that you are away and will be back on a certain date so you will never be disturbed while you are out of the country. If you are travelling with friends or family, you must have an itinerary so you do not end getting frustrated over missed activities and ruin your vacation. Travelling alone may be the option of many but it is always best to travel with a buddy so you share on expenses and experiences. You may opt to buy a map to help you find your way around the city or where to go for your next destination. When you know your way around, you will limit entertaining locals who will offer tours at certain fees.

Vacationing in Panama is one of the most exciting adventures you might experience. The beautiful ranges, beaches and wildlife coupled with the fascinating culture and people of the country, you are in for a memorable vacation ahead of you.

10 Unique Reasons to Visit Panama

Panama, officially known as The Republic of Panama is the county situated right between the North and the South America. It is mostly known for providing a heavy commercial traffic water trade route via its famous panama canal. But is also considered to be a great tourist destination because of various reasons. So, if you wish to visit Panama are are looking for just the reasons to do it then its your time to find out.

10 unique reasons to visit Panama are :

1. Flora and Fauna: With the amount of heat and humidity in the country, it is the perfect place for breeding of various flora and fauna. There are many species of flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in the world like the Golden Frog.

2. Panama City : Panama city boasts a great infrastructure in its big cities like its capital ‘Panama City’. It has big beautiful buildings, high speed internet, second largest trade zone in the world, 90+ banks and up to date movie cinemas to go and grab the boxoffice tickets to your favorite movies as soon as they come out.

3. Beaches : If you have seen the city then just grab a car and a few hour drive to a series of beaches. The water is crystal clear to enjoy. Various beaches are different from each other like some are empty, others have restaurants and some have cabanas & stores. Beaches are something not to miss in panama.

4. Nightlife: The nightlife in the panama is different to other Latin american countries. Take some time to explore various night clubs, lounges, pubs and bars in the area. Do check out these bars in panama city Club la vela, Sharky’s Beach Club, Coyote Ugly Saloon, Tiki Bar at Sandpiper Beach and Splash Bar.

5. Pearl islands : It’s a set of beautiful islands in Panama. It is one of the less tourist popular places in Panama but making it a very inexpensive and peaceful place to visit. You can reach the islands by flying or by taking a ferry to the same. Even the journey from the main city to the island is very charming.

6. El Valle : It is placed upon a volcano that extinguished thousands of year ago. This us just the opposite place to Panama City. It has got a zoo full of wonderful of species and beautiful waterfalls.

7. World Class Water Adventure sports : Panama has the world class infrastructure for adventurous sports like diving, snorkeling and para sailing. It even has a good inclination for fishing too.

8. Guna Yala : This is probably the most beautiful place in Panama itself. The crystal clear water with greenery all around truly makes it the heaven on the earth. People are extremely hospitable here and happy to meet the tourists. The only way you can get to Guna Yala is by boats.

9. Bocas Del Toro: It consists of a mainland and 9 beautiful surrounding islands. It boasts an exuberant marine life and all the other good things that typically exist in Panama.

10. Native Indian Villages : Panama has about 6 individual tribes living in Norwegian territories preserving their culture and their way of living. Many of these tribes are more than happy to share their lifestyle with the tourists. So, it can be a great learning experience for the tourists.

Those are the 10 unique reasons that will make you want to go to Panama.

Panama Retirement – Why Retire To Panama

Panama Retirement – Best Decision

Are you entertaining thoughts about Panama retirement? Have you asked yourself why would you choose Panama as your retirement destination? Why you need to pull up your roots and relocate to a foreign country to live out your golden years? Why would you give up your friends and move to a country where you hardly know anybody for Panama retirement? Why would you adapt yourself to a different way of life, culture, climate and language for Panama retirement? Panama retirement is not an easy decision to make. You need to know the pros and cons. You must first educate yourself about the realities of living there. The best way would be for you to visit Panama and stay there as a tourist first, so you will know the country and its people.

Panama Retirement – Why choose Panama

Many retirees in Panama give the following reasons why they chose to retire to this country..
The cost of living in Panama is a lot cheaper than in the USA, Europe, Canada and other Latim American countries. For US$1,200 or $2,000. you can live there very well, with utilities, food, running car, full time maid and a doctor visit. Of course it will depend on where in Panama you would like to live, just like in the USA, where the cost of living varies from place to place.
You can get a decent housing in Panama that is more affordable than in USA, Europe and Canada for Panama retirement.

The Panamanian climate particularly the highlands is favorable to senior folks. In the city it can be hot and muggy, but a mountain ridge can give a spring-like climate. Some of the more affordable highland locations for Panama retirement are David and Boquete. You will experience cool nights and days here, unlike the city and the beaches.

Panama Retirement – Good Medical Facilities

Medical care is excellent, and can be compared with what you get in the USA. If you don’t have medical insurance, the medical costs are affordable. Panama recognizes most major medical insurance like the TriCare for Life for military retirees.
Panama Law respects the seniors and retirees by affording them special privileges, discounts on products and services. The elderly in Panama have their own special windows and lines at banks and public services agencies. A real advantage for Panama retirement.

As a “pensionado” immigrant, you can import home furnishings duty free. You can buy a new car duty free also every 2 years, although it may not be advisable if you are planning to sell the duty free car in the future. You will not get a fair price because your car’s value would become less than the taxes that you would have to pay. Minor point for Panama retirement.

The people of Panama are generally good. They are friendly and make good neighbors.

Most of the conveniences that you are used to in the USA, Canada and Europe are available in Panama. If there are some that are not available, then perhaps you can live without it in Panama retirement.

If you are American, you will be very much welcome to the government of Panama, because they want you to spend your retirement check in their country. Also, the Panamanians are very comfortable with the Americans, because of their long years of stay in Panama while they were working on the Canal Zone. You can therefore truly enjoy Panama retirement.

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