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Explore the Unknown…The Secrets to Being a Good Tourist

For those of whom travelling is still a relatively novel experience, it can be tricky to know what it takes in order to be a good tourist. If you don’t travel much, you probably don’t know just what the best practices are when it comes to visiting another country, so you can squeeze the most out of your short time abroad. Though as just mentioned, there are best practices, that if you do decide to follow, will help you enjoy your chosen destination the way it should be.


Learn The Local Lingo


If you’re travelling to a country that doesn’t speak english, and you don’t know their language, you ought to learn a couple of key phrases. By brushing up on your language skills, you’ll be better suited to reading any of the billboards you see, that could direct you towards some cool attractions you might have otherwise missed. It’ll also potentially reduce any of the stress you might experience when having to deal with the local cab drivers, or eat out at any of the restaurants, frustrated because of communication issues.

Discover the Main Attractions


Most countries and regions have things they’re famous for, and you’d be cheating yourself if you don’t go and check them out. Finding out what these are can actually be really easy, as all you need to do is a bit of internet research, in order to find out what’s a must see for the country you’re visiting.


Discover the Hidden Attractions


Seeking out the hidden attractions can be a little bit trickier than finding the main attractions, though once you find them, you’ll be glad you put in the effort to discover them. Ask people who live in the region, what you should take a look at, and where they choose to go, when they want to have a good time, but don’t want to be surrounded by tourists.


Enjoy the Local Cuisine


There’s no better way to experience a culture, than through its food. Rather than opting for nuggets and chips, why not sample some of the local cuisine, and see if you can expose yourself to some new flavours. If you’re not sure what the menus says, or what the food has in it, get the help of some restaurant waiters, letting them know you want some real authentic food that represents the region.


Know their Etiquette


Part of being a good tourist is respecting the local rules. For example, it might be the case that certain forms of clothing are looked down upon when worn in public. In some regions, it’s rude to use your mobile phone as you travel on the public transport system. Get hip to what the local etiquette is, so you don’t offend anyone by mistake.


When in Rome Do as The Romans Do


Being a good tourist is one of the best ways to have good holiday. As soon as you book those Israel flights, be sure to brush up on the local language, and learn about the must see sights. Getting the best out of you holiday after all is a priority, and you don’t want to be on the flight home, only to discover you missed something, or went about your whole trip committing some serious social faux pas.

Panama Tourism – What To Do In Panama

Panama is currently having the biggest hotel booms, and there is no sign of it slowing down as it goes for the country’s golden year in Panama tourism. It is forecasted that within the next 3 years, more than 50% of the currently available hotel rooms will be constructed. It should not be a surprise, though, because Panama offers a lot of opportunities for the visitors –wonderful natural scenery, a cultural heritage that is rich with history, one of the world’s best tourism infrastructure, and the world class night life offering in Panama City.

Panama has been selected one of the “Top Ten Countries For 2011”. If you are wondering what a tourist can do in Panama, read on.

See the Panama Canal

It is the world’s 9th wonders and probably Panama’s most famous features. The Panama Canal is famous for its engineering works and it attracts tourists from all over the world. You can go to the Miraflores Visitors’ Center for a look, and to the restaurant overlooking the Canal itself.

Visit the Amador Causeway

It is a roadway, also a walking path, that goes straight into four small islands in the Panama Bay. It is a great place to take a bike ride or walk. You can see lots of tourists’ favorite places including the Panama City Skyline, Panama Canal, Bridge of the Americas, Balboa Yatch Club and Panama Bay. The Amador Causeway overlooks the entrance to the Panama Canal, so you can see as ships enter it and under the Bridge of the Americas.

Go Fishing In Panama Bay

It is one of the most exotic fishing areas around the world. You should start early, board the luxury fishing boat stocked with fishing equipment and bait. Then enjoy your lunch on Taboga Island.

Go Shopping at Mi Pueblito

Mi Pueblito is a replica of several towns in Panama such as a typical Panamania,. Antillian and Indian. It has numerous gift shops, restaurants, courtyards museum and a church.

Go Rafting

Panama has almost 500 rivers running throughout its landscape where you can enjoy whitewater rafting adventures.

See the Fortresses

You will be amazed the almost intact walls of the Caribbean fortifications such as Portobello and San Lorenzo. They will all bring you to Panama’s colonial past. While here, you can have a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.

Go Sunbathing

Panama has over 2857 kilometers of coastline and over 300 days of sun every year. And lots of islands where you can enjoy your sunbathing.

Explore the City

Panama City is the first place to go to when you go to Panama. It offers excellent shopping, famous restaurants and the comfort of luxury hotels. If you walk around the city you can visit many other places that will enrich your knowledge of Panama’s history and culture.

Get Out of the City

All around Panama City are dense tropical jungles offering its residents and tourists a chance to bike, walk or job while enjoying the stunning environment.

There are many things you can do and see in Panama. You and your family will surely enjoy your visit and adventure in this Latin American country.

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    When in Panama- The Must Visit Places

    Panama is a world famous tourist destination. The cocktail of nature and modernity this American country stages attract tourists from across the globe. And the number keeps rising with every passing year. People get so much attached to the country that a very many of them invest in real estates in this country and get their own property.

    Not many countries are gifted with such an abundance of greenery and natural beauty. Name any aspect of nature and the country has it. You do not have to debate over mountains or sea? Shopping or relaxing? Each of your family members with different choices is bound to agree upon this single destination, that is Panama.

    When you are in Panama there are places you just afford to miss. When in the Panama City, the first in the must visit list comes the Panama Canal. Yes, it’s the same you had learnt in your geography class and marked while practicing map pointings. This place is in fact referred to as the 9th wonder of the world. You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you? This canal stretches across the mighty Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. You can cruise your way down through this canal while knowing about its history and wonder at this feat of human engineering. You should also visit the Miraflores Visitor Center and see the Centennial Bridge that is built across the Panama Canal.

    Other places that you should see when the beautiful capital city includes the church of San Jose. The Golden Altar kept at this church has its own historical significance. The Teatro Nacional Theatre in itself is an experience unsurpassed. Treat yourself with an entertaining evening at this theatre. The Museo del Canal Interoceanico is an Inter-Oceanic Canal Museum which you must visit to know more about the Modern History of Panama. Other places you must add to your list are the Santo Domingo’s church and convent, the presidential palace Palancio de las Garzas, the Summit Botanical Gardens, Park Naturo Metropolitano, and the Afro-Antillian Museum. The list of places you can see in Panama City is never ending. It’s a world on its own.

    Another major city Boquete has its own reason to have you as its visitor. It’s known as the small mountain town in Panama. The Coffee Plantation in this town is a thing to see and experience. You will also find many beautiful gardens and experience nature at a close proximity at the tropical rain forests. If you are one of those adventurous sorts, the idea of hiking atop an extinct volcano might excite you. The Vulcan Baru brings you such an opportunity.

    Apart from these you must go to Bocas del Toro. It’s a place staging the most amazing example of diversified wildlife. The flora and fauna you can experience in the rain forests of Bocas del Tero will live you awed with surprise.

    Panama will never stop surprising you. If you are planning a holiday, nothing could be as good as the Panama.

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