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All Inclusive vs Self Catering Holidays: Which One is For You?

If you’re planning a holiday, the chances are you’ll be looking for the best value break for your money…Who wouldn’t? A common dilemma for holidaymakers though is deciding which type of holiday to book whether it be self catering or all inclusive. Often this can depend on where it is you want to go, how long you want to go for and how much you are willing to spend. So lets have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options:

Self Catering



Self catering gives you the luxury of spontaneity. All inclusive requires you to be in a certain place at a certain time for your meals and in some hotels you can only drink until a specific time. With self catering, you have the freedom to eat and drink wherever you like with the luxury of exploring the culture and nightlife of your destination too. Also, there’s no need for an alarm to make sure you get your breakfast before it is stopped being served. Some destinations have better self catering apartments and hotels than others. If you are looking for a holiday to Greece, apartments to rent in Kefalonia are very reasonably priced.



Firstly, when on holiday most people see it is a time to eat and drink what they want. When staying at a self catering resort, it can be quite expensive if you love to eat and drink! Again, this depends on the area you are in as some countries have cheaper groceries than others. If you are travelling with children, you need to consider how many ice creams they will want each day. We all go on holiday to experience new things, but the costs start to accelerate when you have multiple mouths to feed. Self catering can seem very cheap when you have just booked your resort and flights so make sure you budget for these extra costs.


All Inclusive-



All inclusive holidays tend to include everything, from your flights and accommodation to food, drink and entertainment. Whilst it may seem expensive initially, you will be comforted by the fact that there won’t be too many extra costs when you leave the UK. This is very appealing especially for larger families. It’s amazing how an ice cream here and a can of pop there, can soon add up when you’re away for a week or two, but that’s something you haven’t got to worry about being all inclusive! Travelling all-inclusive is great for those who only want to take minimal amounts of cash away with them, and not have to worry about losing their money.



While many hotels offer brilliant all-inclusive packages which include everything you need, some have limitations and hidden extras which may catch you out if you haven’t budgeted for them. This is why it is so important for you to know exactly what is included in the package before travelling. If you love to taste the local cuisine and experience the culture, you need to think carefully about whether an all-inclusive break would suit you.



A Quick Guide To Vacation Security Checklists

We all need a break from time to time and a nice long vacation can help us recharge our batteries. However, going away for a while presents a unique set of security risks that need to be addressed if we are to keep ourselves and our belongings safe. A good security checklist should help you run through all the effective protection measures starting at your home and ending with the personal information and money that you have on you. Here are some of the things you should make sure to check when going on vacation.

Securing your home

Your house should not look empty, as this will attract burglars like flies to sugar. Having both exterior and interior lights set to timers, leaving some music on, paying someone to mow your lawn regularly, suspending your subscriptions, holding the post office your mail, locking everything up are all necessary safety precautions. Having a family member, neighbor or friend come over to the house to water the plants, spend an hour or two and throw some garbage in the trash will make it seem like someone is living in the house. Security cameras and/or a dog can be very effective deterrents as well.

Fill out a vacation security check form with the local police

Many police departments provide community services like having a patrol car to drive by your house on a daily basis. The police officers will check the premises for any signs of a break in and will note the state of the premises for a particular date and time. You simply fill out the request form at the police station and then notify the police once you have returned so that they can call off the security checks.

Don’t advertise the fact that you are not home

Making sure that your house does not appear empty is only a part of the story. Even though people often manage to effectively secure their home, they drop the ball when it comes to being quiet about their plans. Changing the answering machine message to “We are too busy living it up in Hawaii to answer the phone right now” is not such a good idea, and neither is giving out your detailed holiday plan on Facebook or Twitting that you are off to a luxury cruise. This gives potential thieves – and yes, I am saying that your “friends’ friends” are not necessarily a trustworthy bunch – a good indication of when to strike. Go on holiday, have fun and then post your pictures and musings when you come back home.

Storing away your valuables

Items of great value as well as documents containing personal information are best stored away in a safe deposit box for the duration of your vacation. Experts suggest that a good way to protect any sensitive information on your computer against a physical break in is to remove the hard discs and put them in the safe deposit box along with the rest of your valuables. You can also leave some high-value items with your close friends or relatives. This way your focus will be on trip and vacation as it should be.

Keeping your money safe

Contact the people who have issued you your credit card and notify them about your vacation, so that they can be ready to act quickly if there are any unusual transactions, which would indicate that your card may have been stolen. They can immediately freeze your account when these uncharacteristic transactions raise a red flag and save you a lot of problems. Any cash you have on you should be kept in a sturdy wallet and in your front pants pocket – back pockets and wide jacket pockets are notoriously easy to get to, and things like fanny packs and gimmicky tourist wallets that attach to the body are something pickpockets worldwide are pretty used to. Ladies shouldn’t carry around all of their information, money and valuables in a single purse wherever they go, as a simple snatch-and-run by a fast thief can leave you in an incredibly unfavorable position. Only bring the essentials with you and leave most of your things locked in your hotel room.

These safety precautions should be enough to keep your valuables fairly safe, so be sure to create a good security checklist with them in mind and go through it several times to make sure everything is taken care of.

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Top 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vacation in Panama

Panama is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Central America. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean and between Costa Rica and Colombia, Panama is lavished with beautiful mountains, beaches and diverse wildlife. It is also the location of the most amazing manmade canal that connects Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the Caribbean Sea for the purpose of international maritime trade. Because of the fascinating culture and nature that Panama has to offer along with price and tax discounts to tourists, this may be one of your next vacation destinations. But with every vacation, you need to be prepared physically, mentally, socially and financially to make the most out of it and remember it for the rest of your life.

Plan ahead

Months before your planned vacation in Panama, you must have booked your flights, your hotel accommodations and even the activities that may need pre-booking. You may even contact a travel agency that can aid you for a better view of the country, especially if you are not comfortable with the backpacker’s type of adventure. You can search online as to the tourist attractions, must-do activities, hotel accommodations, dining places and many others. One more important thing is that you must know what travel documents you need to prepare before your trip so you will avoid the hassles of traveling right at the airport. You also have to know ahead what type of weather you will be in so you know what clothes to bring. And of course, do not forget your expenses and budget. When you have more than enough money, you can truly enjoy your vacation.

Prepare yourself physically

To see and enjoy more of the sights and attractions of the city, it is best to take a tour by foot. You will never know how amazing the place could be when you get to talk to the locals, visit those local food stalls or experience a day out on foot while watching the street parade or checking out for souvenirs to take home. You must be physically fit to be able to endure the long walks, the heat of the sun and the new environment. You may consider exercising or jogging weeks before your vacation. You should also modify your diet so you will have more energy for your activities. Eating more fruits, vegetables and supplements like Garcinia Cambogia may help you prepare physically.

Enjoy your vacation

Vacations are supposed to be a moment away from the stresses of your normal life routine. Avoid distractions. You may leave a message on your answering machine that you are away and will be back on a certain date so you will never be disturbed while you are out of the country. If you are travelling with friends or family, you must have an itinerary so you do not end getting frustrated over missed activities and ruin your vacation. Travelling alone may be the option of many but it is always best to travel with a buddy so you share on expenses and experiences. You may opt to buy a map to help you find your way around the city or where to go for your next destination. When you know your way around, you will limit entertaining locals who will offer tours at certain fees.

Vacationing in Panama is one of the most exciting adventures you might experience. The beautiful ranges, beaches and wildlife coupled with the fascinating culture and people of the country, you are in for a memorable vacation ahead of you.

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