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Water Sports in Panama

Water sports in Panama are world class!

Fishing in Panama

With thousands of miles of coast line on both the Pacific and Atlantic (Caribbean) coast Panama is a
wondrous playground for people who love water. It has great fishing, diving, snorkeling, and surfing and sailing in year round warm waters full of coral and sea life.

Fishing in Panama

Panama has river fishing, deep-sea fishing, lake fishing, spear fishing and ‘sitting off the end of the dock’ fishing, It is famous for both Marlin and for endless supplies of Peacock Bass in the second largest man-made lake in the world, Gatun Lake.

For more info go to Fishing in Panama

Diving in Panama

Diving in Panama

There are many great places to dive in this warm country: some with magical gardens of coral and others with wrecks of galleons or remains of the railway! For more go to Diving in Panama

Surfing in Panama

One of the most exciting water sports around and Panama is well suited to it, with great breaks and rolling waves set against breathtaking scenery, on both sides of the country. For more go to Surfing in Panama

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